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Happy Turkey Day!

24 Nov

I hope that whether you decided to observe “Native American Holocaust Day of Remembrance” or “National Day of 5,000 Plus Calorie Consumption”, that each of you has had a pleasant and inspiring Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends and fun.

Now while my hectic day today has been all of the above, I am still so entrenched in my trytophan induced coma that I am hardly any good to anybody.  As such, I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit one of the most awesome Turkey Day trends of the 21st Century: The Gobble.

Let us burn these holiday calories together Pack Faithful…or at least let us live vicariously through Jungle Boogie as they burn them for us again this year!


Macy’s Meets Kanye: Here’s Hoping NBC Airs The Thanksgiving Day Parade on a 10-Second Delay

24 Nov

So, 80 years in the game and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day organizers have decided that the traditional, tried and true doldrums of obligatory marching bands, mammoth balloons and the perfunctory lip-syncing pop star simply won’t due.  That’s right! The powers –that-be have determined that controversy is the order of the day during one of the biggest holiday parades of the year.

Scheduled to perform “Lost in The World” from his recently released “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album, Kanye West will be lending his special brand of foolery celebrity appeal to this year’s festivities.  And while I do plan to DVR the parade, just in case Mr. West opts to live up to his outlandish, outspoken and out of control persona by…let’s say, (grasps unfounded claim from the air) calling out the “Way To Shop” retailer during his Turkey Day performance for profiling minority shoppers, I am sure that in an effort to push more record sales, Yeezy will be on his best behavior.

Still, if Kanye does act-up and decides toast his delegation of d**chebags live on the air, (which is highly likely, as his filter was irreparably damaged years ago when he had to have his jaw reset) Macy’s and NBC will have no one to blame but themselves.  Granted, people typically mature, grow and learn from their mistakes as time passes, but I don’t care what you say: after Bush & Blacks and I’mma Let You Finish, any network exec that willingly gives The Louis Vuitton Don a live mic at this point deserves whatever disciplinary action that is handed down to him/her by the FCC.

But hey, I am sure that in their eyes, an 80th Anniversary is as good a time as any to “go modern” and “push the envelope;” especially for the sake of 50 million units in Nielsen ratings.

Trust me, my corn will be popped for this spectacle!

Tales of Turkey Day Eve-Eve Shopping

23 Nov

Whew! This mommy-wife-boss-blogger is TI-I-I-I-YERRD!  Would you believe that I am just getting home from the market with all of Turkey Day parcels?  Yep, like a dum-dum, I decided to actually rest on my day off yesterday instead of going ahead and knocking out my Thanksgiving dinner shopping list.  And wouldn’t you know it; there were a cache of like-minded dum-dums, who like me thought that last minute shopping (after a ten hour day at work) for the biggest feast of the year was a good idea.

I will say though, that one benefit of Turkey Day Eve-Eve shopping this year has been the fact that because the store was still pretty stocked with all of my meal needs and accoutrements, I was able to walk away with more items than I had originally intended, as well as some pretty righteous deals (think, two 20 lb. name brand turkeys for $12.00 each…score!).  Nevertheless, as Cathy Cost-Savings as I was today, I still have a difficult road ahead of me.  At present, we still don’t have a definitive guest list, so even as I am preparing to feed The Pack Fam and a few close friends, by the time it is all said and done, I am certain that my dining room will more readily resemble a stuffy Waffle House on Saturday night after the club closes than an informal setting in which to give thanks.


So now that I have spelled out my Turkey Day angst, I trust that it is understood that there will not be anything in the way of any real substantive blogging for the next couple of days.  Perhaps I will check back in on you good people this weekend after my anticipated ‘itis and 3am leftover turkey fix has worn off.

No promises though.

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