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Hot or Hmmm…The Dress

12 May

While this site is more of a personal blog than a “fashion” blog, let me just go on the record for those who are unaware, and say that I LOVE celebrating, critiquing and creating fashion.  And although many would consider me to be mildly conservative by most standards, I do on occasion like to push the envelope, and I respect those with the courage and creativity to do the same (and although I’m several weeks late posting it, here I am pushing the envelope with Vivica Fox at the Diamond Scholarship Gala this past April, as promised).

There have been instances however, when I’ve looked at a picture of myself or some media starlet and have wondered, what in the world possessed me/her to wear THAT?! Sort of like Exhibit A and B below:

Attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala last week, both Beyonce and Serena looked as though they should have been competing for first place in a celebrity costume contest (The Little Mermaid and Bjork’s Ostrich Offspring respectively) instead of honoring Alexander McQueen with their take on haute couture.  But as over the top as both ensembles were, neither woman passed out due to airway constriction or spontaneous combustion, so that in itself was a fashion win-win for everybody!


What I’m Wearing: Oh, Stewardess!

20 Aug

“Oooh. Now all you need is a basket and you’ll be quite possibly the hottest chocolate Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen.”

In spite of my honey’s foolishness as we both stood at the vanity getting ready for work this morning, I absolutely love this outfit.  While he was thinking about painted eggs and Cadbury Bunnies however, I was thinking that I embodied the fabulousness of a rather trendy and fabulous Bermudian Flight Attendant.

The truth is that I have my girl K.LA who used to be a colleague of mine and is now my cyber stylist (whether she knows it or not) to thank for this modish combination of pieces, cuts, textures and colors.  Not only is she FANTASTIC at making even a paper bag appear fashionable, but she reminds me every day when I go into my closet, of the importance in using the pieces that I already own to mix and match great signature outfits.

Embracing this vital rule, Bermuda shorts in brown (my summer staple, for those new to this installment of “What I’m Wearing”), the classic white blouse (this time with puffy raised cotton embellishments throughout), a pink and brown silk scarf worn as a gauzy bowtie and some fuchsia sling-back pumps pull this look together flawlessly.

And never one unafraid to take the road runway less traveled, the addition of some BIG BLING makes for a fun and BOLD contrasting statement to this polished look.

What I’m Wearing: Cat Woman 4.0

8 Aug

Move over Eartha, climb a tree Michelle, chase a ball of yarn Halle; there’s a new Cat Woman in town.

XOXO Leo Printed Belt

You all already know my affinity for casual office attire during the summer months and ways in which I seek to accentuate an otherwise basic ensemble.  That was the goal I was aiming for this past Casual Friday.  A longtime fan of the classic black and white combination, I decided to adorn this simple pairing with a little leopard.

O Joey Leopard Accented Peep-Toe Pumps

Keeping in mind the “less is more” fashion mantra, to this staple white blouse and black Bermuda shorts outfit I added a leopard printed belt and black peep-toe stilettos with just a hint of feline at the ankle.  The optional black cardigan (to combat the Antarctic-like temperatures in the office) pulled the entire look together and gave off the appearance of a sassy yet sophisticated business woman.

Ultimate Throw Back: MJ’s “MJs”

20 May

Here’s a blast from the past kiddies…

 When my cyber friend and fellow mommy-in-crime Portia posted this picture, I think that I actually pulled a Lazarus (died and came back to life; for the biblically challenged)!  Seriously, who not only remembers the L.A. Gear “MJs” (heck, who remembers L.A. Gear) but goes a step farther and finds evidence of their existence on the internet after more than 20 years?  Yet, there they are…in all their studded, leathery, buckled glory.

 Now as much as I hate to admit this, not only do I remember these shoes, but I wanted a pair in the WORST way when they came out in the late 80’s (the pink ones of course); which is funny because aside from a few commercials here and there, I honestly cannot recall seeing much advertising for them.  I guess that’s why ultimately the shoe line flopped and L.A. Gear tried to give Michael Jackson “the business” by way of a $10 million lawsuit for breach of contract, alleging that the King of Pop did not provide any viable videos to the company for use in its commercials.

 If I’m being honest though, that sounds like a lazy (read: incompetent) advertising department to me. Realistically, how could L.A. Gear justify laying all the blame for the failed line at Mike’s feet?  Let’s be real, shall we: the darn shoe was named after the biggest pop star on the planet!  Though sometimes unsure of his age or ethnicity, people all over the world have generally always been able to recognized Michael Jackson.  His name alone explains how the “MJs” ended up on the feet of the aboriginal people of Cape York (I kid, but you get my point).  And besides, there were a few print ads and commercials out there which showed MJ peddling endorsing the “MJ”, so it’s not like there was no name association with the product.  I mean really, short of lacing up the sneaker with strands of his Wave Nouveau, what more did the execs at L.A. Gear want Jackson to do?

 *Ends 20-years-too-late Rant*

 What’s amazing now is that in much the same way that clothing and other items repeat themselves over the years and become fashionable again, the “MJs” totally look like something that these trendy-fitted-cap-skinny-jeans-wearing kids would don today.  What’s even more amazing is the fact that in the last few years, people have actually started a petition to get L.A. Gear to revive the “MJ” shoe line.  Clearly, a part of the interest in the shoe revolves around paying tribute to the singers after his untimely death, but if L.A. Gear was smart, the company could certainly capitalize on folk’s interest while also providing a piece of pop culture history to the masses.

 What do you think?  Would it make sense for L.A. Gear to bring the “MJ” shoe line back, even if only for a limited time?  What about the collectors who bought the shoe back in the day and now have it sitting somewhere in their attic; how valuable do you think a pair of vintage “MJs” would be?  Would a portion of the “MJ” sales go toward Joe Jackson’s disputed monthly allowance (sorry, I couldn’t help it)?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The World’s Gone GaGa…Grace, Not So Much.

20 Apr

If I were as fierce, fit and Strangé as Grace Jones, then I’d probably be as unabashedly eccentric as the 61-year-old icon is and most certainly was in her prime as a model, singer, actress and all around foxy firebrand. 

While not what society would classify as a classic beauty, as a child I thought that Jones had a unique and uncharacteristically chiseled magnificence that made her scary, peculiar and extraordinary all at the same time.  That coupled with her flippant, do-what-I-please attitude, the mold was broken, busted and in total disrepair with the creation of this glossy, milk chocolate Diva Supreme (anyone who remembers her salacious “Pull Up to The Bumper” knows exactly what I mean).  I suppose this is why the Insanely Fabulous One has taken issue with her pop replica (if you let her tell it) as of late.

With a boldness that knows no bounds, Grace Jones recently revealed to a UK paper that she was approached to do a collaboration with the ever unconventional Lady Gaga, but in no uncertain terms declined the offer because to her way of thinking, the youngling stole her swagger.

“Yes, she did [ask about a duet], but I said no. I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually. Well, you know, I’ve seen some things she’s worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of piss me off. I wouldn’t go to see her.”

Admittedly, Gaga is definitely more strange than Strangé, but I think that Her Grace is missing the absurdly dressed point here.  It seems to me that although clearly inspired by Jones, Lady Gaga is paying homage to her idol in appearance, and evidently with the plan for a duet as well; she’s not out pilfering Grace Jones’ style (OMG, did I just defend Lady Gaga??).   

Any loony Lady Gaga fan can tell you that for as long as she’s been relevant popular, the star has cited Old Jonesy as her inspiration, even going so far as likening her to “Jesus” in an interview with Q magazine.  Now I’m not sure what cross Jones hung on for the remission of Gaga’s sins, but it’s evident to anyone whose every thought to nominated the pop tart for the show “What Not To Wear” that Lady Gaga is an ultimate Grace Jones stan. 

Embrace it Grace. Take her under your wing.  Become two peas in a glittery lace and lycra pod.  The reality is, you haven’t done a whole lot since Boomerang daaa’ling.  It’s either this, or with the impending repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, loaning your infamous gaydar to the military.

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