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Lights! Camera! Close Up!

30 Nov

I feel like such a negligent parent tonight (to the blog, not my offspring).

Well not really.  But the truth is that instead of blogging, I’ve let so much of my evening get away from me due to the fact that I’ve been relishing in my new video editing software for the vlog.

Forgive me just this once Pack Faithful, but I really feel like I’m getting my Scorsese on tonight!

SPAM Texting Me? Really Though!?

28 Nov

Though born in the Polynesian sub-region of “Oceania”, I’ve never been a fan of the Hawaiian delicacy (or continental scourge) known as Spam ®, so over the years, receiving communications from totally random businesses or individuals bearing the same disgusting name has really never sat too well with me either.  Now, for many of us, we understand that as consumers of various products and services, our buying habits and other tidbits of our personal information are being sold and distributed to the highest bidder every day for marketing purposes.  And clearly, while none of us particularly likes the idea of mega corporations like AT&T and Time Warner Cable sharing our telecommunication habits with third-party marketers, in the back of our minds, we do sort of accept these practices as the unspoken cost of doing business.

For me however, where I draw the line is when the results of these info swaps manifest in text and SMS messages to my cellphone.  My cell is for my kids to reach me when they need to, for me to screen, forward and accept calls when I am out and about and for me to molly-wop the honey in Words with Friends.  It is not a portal for hacks and frauds to practice their company’s texting business hustle on.

What’s worse is that those who know me know that I don’t give out my cellphone number all willy-nilly, even to people that I know, so the notion of some counterfeit telemarketer having my number and using it to send me unsolicited messages really chaps my behind!  And while I’ve been blessed for the most part to only just have begun receiving these messages within the last two months, they are still incredibly annoying, especially since downloading SPAM-blocking software from the various cellular app stores out there restricts only so many of these nuisance communications.

So you have to know that it didn’t take me long to begin researching my options, when after two weeks and multiple SPAM texts from some random company with an area code not even in the region of the country where I live began filling my SMS queue with their foolishness.  At first, a simple “delete” seemed to be all that would be required to get rid of them.  Then after a second text, I responded with a STOP message and added the text number to my SPAM Blocker list.  Then, after a third text during a meeting at work, I had had enough:

Now while my complaint would have likely fallen on deaf ears in my State’s Attorneys General office (seeing as how the offender is from Florida), and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) would have likely been the proper regulatory branch to contact, it does seem that my point was made, as since my angry reply, I’ve not received any further buffoonery from them.  But hey, let me not get ahead of myself.  With five weeks still left in the year, I just might have to keep a threat to call “Pookie n’ dem” in my back pocket should the folks at not take the hint.

Thanksgiving Wishes & Turkey Day Dreams

27 Nov

It’s been a wonderful 4-day weekend full of blessings, family, fun, Friday Shopping Deals and food comas.  Before we head back to work and our regularly scheduled programming, I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous (though belated) Thanksgiving Weekend and truly blessed holiday season.

The Winners and Losers of the 2011-2012 NBA Season

26 Nov

It’s funny because as my honey and I sat around the television in total gluttonous-mode watching an overabundance of both NFL and NCAA football for the past three days, I asked him what exactly we were going to do to get our daily sports allowance on Christmas Day with the NBA Lockout still in full swing.  Licking his gravy stained fingers, he looked at me and promised that the players and owners would come to a resolution well in advance of the holidays, just in time to reinstate my annual Christmas Day Laker hatin’.

Taking that bet, I told my honey that he was crazy to think that the NBA players would agree to any sort of amended terms that the owners presented this late in the season after the way they had been treating them more like serfs than partners.  But wouldn’t you know it, today after 15 hours of talks and in true acquiescence, the players reached a deal with the owners for the NBA Season to begin on Christmas Day.

So thank you David Stern, Derek Fisher and ‘dem.  Due to your indecisiveness, hemming and hawing and extended vacation days, I now have to honor my wager with the honey, and will be hand washing his delicates, massaging his back and detailing his leather interior for two whole weeks!

NOT winning!

Happy Turkey Day!

24 Nov

I hope that whether you decided to observe “Native American Holocaust Day of Remembrance” or “National Day of 5,000 Plus Calorie Consumption”, that each of you has had a pleasant and inspiring Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends and fun.

Now while my hectic day today has been all of the above, I am still so entrenched in my trytophan induced coma that I am hardly any good to anybody.  As such, I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit one of the most awesome Turkey Day trends of the 21st Century: The Gobble.

Let us burn these holiday calories together Pack Faithful…or at least let us live vicariously through Jungle Boogie as they burn them for us again this year!

iCan’t Today.

21 Nov

Well folks, like a simp I’ve once again taken work home over the weekend and am also working through my day off.


Somebody agree in prayer with me that a long lost, obscenely wealthy great aunt or uncle shows up in my life and decides they want to adopt me!

Jesus be a benefactor!

I Choose E-Books

18 Nov

So, today I was going to blog about yesterday’s little revelation that Herman Cain requested and received Secret Service Protection (as to not be caught off guard by Gloria slinging her pot of hot grits at him for publicly humiliating her all of these years.  LOL, no I’m kidding) but the reality is that 1) we’ve already heard and spoken ad nauseum about this feisty old coot and 2) there are about three new e-book releases that I would rather download to my Kindle, Kobo and iBook apps!

No politics today, just happy reading!

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