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The Reason For The Season

12 Dec

I swear, it always seems like forever has come and gone twice when I finally have a few quiet moments to either update my blog, write a post or upload a YouTube video. At any rate, if the falling cyber snow is any indicator, Christmas time is fast approaching, and with it, the opportunity to reflect our lives, our goals, what we have accomplished and have yet to do this year (and in the next), and to embrace friends and family during this festive time of year.

With that, I am wishing each of you a wonderful holiday season and reminding you that through it all, to keep CHRIST in Christmas and love in your hearts this December!

Love you! *Mwah*


Thanksgiving Wishes & Turkey Day Dreams

27 Nov

It’s been a wonderful 4-day weekend full of blessings, family, fun, Friday Shopping Deals and food comas.  Before we head back to work and our regularly scheduled programming, I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous (though belated) Thanksgiving Weekend and truly blessed holiday season.

Skeeeeeee! It’s Snowing…At The Pack!

30 Nov

No, not the utility disabling, leaves-you-stranded-on-the-freeway, frost bite inducing kind.

But, VIRTUAL SNOW.  Ooooh, just look!!!!

It is officially Holiday Time folks, and in honor of Season’s Greetings, WordPress has reintroduced cyber flurries to the blogging masses.

Enjoy faithful, enjoy!

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