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Don Lemon’s New Book is…Well, An Open Book: Transparent

16 Jun

As a member of my personal favorite trio of CNN anchors (the other two, of course being The Silver Fox and The Razorback), I never (only) attributed Don Lemon’s appeal over the years to his above average aesthetic composition or velvety tenor that projected and conveyed the news, but more so to his seemingly oxymoronic demonstration of compassion and ability to engage his audience while still maintaining that ever important journalistic trait of impartiality.

This assertion was never more apparent to me than eight months ago when while interviewing three young members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church who at the time wholeheartedly supported Bishop Long, Lemon evenly, yet unpredictably revealed on national television that he was a victim of a pedophile.  With that admission, the Emmy award winning journalist has since come out about his orientation and has released a memoir chronicling the highs, lows, secrets and truths that have shaped the 45-year-olds life.

In an excerpt from Chapter 2 he writes:

While Transparent does explore the shame Lemon felt which caused him to conceal having been sexually abused as a child by a family friend and the liberation he finally felt as a grown man in opening up to his mother about it, the book is far more than a purging session, and it effectively explores the man comprehensively, not compartmentally.

But while there are assertions in parts of Lemon’s book that are sure to be controversial to some, few will argue that his message of hope, resilience, strength and defying the odds (and the critics) is one that can be taken away by all.


Praise Break: Let The Accountants Say Amen!

15 Jun

It has been a long and arduous two months of processes and procedures appraisals, liquidity assessments, reconciliations, IRS regulations research and overall financial evaluations, but as of this evening, I’ve officially completed my 2010 and stump year 2011 audit efforts!!!!!!!!!

In fact, I was SO excited when I handed over my last report to the independent auditor this evening that I blurted out a guttural, “Hallelujah!”  The funny part however was when she accepted my paperwork and replied, “Hallelujah, indeed!”

And as I packed up my laptop, portfolios and bags and headed to the parking lot, I promise you that my woooh-saw, and then my praise break was exactly like this one!

Don’tcha Wish Your 4G Was Hot Like Mine?

12 Jun

For as much complaining and fussing as I’ve done over the years about my cellphone service, I don’t think I’ve ever been this embarrassed in public as a result of total network access failure.

Still, if I were forced to perform a flash mob solo thanks to pure mobile ratchetness, I pray that my step-ball-changes, pada berets and jazz hands in Union Station would be as extravagant as this!

From The Hot Mess Files: Biebershop Quartet

9 Jun


iCant! iCant! iCant!

I heard this rather crude silliness on the radio this morning, and I now officially quit life (well, that almost was the case since I came close to wrecking my car from snickering so uncontrollably).

But seriously, blogging a response to, an explanation for or the rationale behind this latest cyber display of Bieber Fever would be doing these guys gals a total disservice.  Just view their tribute parody to the “Prince of Pop” at your leisure and draw your own conclusions!

…In the interest of his core fan base however, I highly doubt if Justin would consider allowing these doppelgangers to open for his next multi-city tour.

Carmela “Keeps It” Real

8 Jun

Although VH1 recently put forth an ambitious yet crude effort with their new show, since the series finale of The Sopranos four years ago, I’ve sort of had mob wife withdrawal.  So when I came across an internet headline about Edie Falco this afternoon, I was anxious to hear what was up with the former first lady of New Jersey Organized Crime turned ER Nurse.

After I read the write up however, I was left wondering, why is this even a story, why are people upset and what did she say in this nonstory that was untrue? 

Basically, an attention seeker suffering through a slow news day writer over at took some comments that Edie Falco made during an interview for New York Magazine’s Vulture blog and ran for the border with them.  When asked if she watched a certain reality television show, Falco replied with a question of her own:

“Who the h3ll is Kim Kardashian?”

With little prodding, she inquired further about the state of television programming this day and age and its resulting effect on popular and social culture:

“Who are these people and why are they famous and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinions about things? I just don’t understand what these people did to be in a position of having everyone ask their opinions about stuff.  If there’s something about [Kim Kardashian’s] personality or something that she’s accomplished or her philosophy on something – beyond that, I don’t understand what’s happening; it’s actually frightening.”

Okay.  First off, the article is from so what did I expect? If they can make headline news of an interview with the store clerk who sold Anthony Weiner the infamous briefs that are now captured for all posterity in his twit pic (I’m kidding), then surely their efforts at instigating a slap-fest between Kim and Carmela really shouldn’t be that shocking.  Still, the notion from some of the article’s readers and commenters that because Falco spoke out about the nonsense that is now Reality TV; specifically Kim Kardashian’s meteoric “for-nothing” rise to super stardom and celebrity, she is somehow bitter or a hater is in my opinion, more than a little off the mark.

Again I ask, what did Edie say that was untrue, or malicious for that matter? Are the Kardashians known for anything substantial? Do they provide poignant and objective critiques on politics, the economy and society at large?  Does their peddling of clothing, autobiographies, fragrances or prepaid cards enhance or ease the way of life of anyone other than themselves?  Granted, her delivery may have been a little coarse but love them or hate them, didn’t Edie say what we all have been thinking about these reality stars for years?!

If anything, aside from stating the obvious, I see her incredulous questions and declarations as the strong opinion of someone who’s worked long and hard to hone her craft and earn her celebrity in the fickle town of Hollywood, only to be confused by the fame of a celebutante and her siblings. And trust me, Edie Falco is not the first or only thespian who feels this way (cue Samuel Jackson’s “rap-tors” rant).

Now, am I saying that the Kardashian’s don’t deserve their current success after discovering a lucrative niche from which they’ve built their empire? No.  But surely they can’t expect people to be elated about their rise to the top on the back of Kim’s homemade movie debut.

And before I’m called-out as a hypocrite, I do admittedly watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney & Kim Take New York and Khole & Lamar…but mostly as research for the book I’m writing on um, uh…how to snag a professional baller; yeah.

I Might Don’t Make It!

7 Jun

Today, I had to basically have a Come-To-Jesus meeting with myself!

Although the past couple of years have taught me all about preparation and how to make the best of a bad situation, I also learned one tough lesson…that the “know it all” trait that I have is actually just me being really hard-headed. I mean, for as strategic (and obssessive; I can admit it) as I normally am in planning out my daily work and personal life, you’d think I’d learn to make special concessions and back-up plans when it comes to situations out of my control (like expecting others to do what they’re supposed to).

That should have been the case while I was away this past weekend at the beach, but no! Like an unreasonable person, I had to gall to totally decompress and have a great time with my family, only to return to ten urgent voicemails, a slew of follow-up emails and a firestorm of needs, wants, requests and edicts; all needing to be addressed and extinguished by the close of my ten hour business day!

And even now, as I lay here too depleted of energy and mental horsepower to even focus on Weinergate or the plethora of other idiotic news ripe for the picking, I had to remind myself (this is where the CTJ meeting came in) that I could either let the frustrations of the day ruin the remaining six hours of this Tuesday, or I could make the best of my remaining quarter-day and enjoy a night of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, The Road to El Dorado and Kung-Fu Panda with The Big Girl.

OR I could opt for plan C and camp out in front of the TV with The Big Girl and take a power nap while she and Sharpay sing four to six Disney equivalents of Off-Broadway musical numbers!

…I think we have a winner!

Packing Up: Family Road Trip

3 Jun

Actually, road trip would be putting it mildly.  While we’ll be taking our annual trek to Myrtle Beach for The Pack Kid’s Invitational Track Meet and enjoying some fun and sun as well, trust me when I tell you that frequent potty breaks, crying, space infringement, in-car DVD disagreements and threats to be put out on the side of the road will ensue early, and often.  But don’t be envious of all that excitement; you have more than enough stimulating goings-on to focus on in my absence.

I mean, with John Edward pleading not guilty to inappropriate campaign fund usage, Anthony Weiner being unsure of whether or not his crotch was actually the culprit, Sarah Palin touring the country to refine her national geography awareness, and the Egyptians (Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar) trying to out due the French (Dominique Strauss-Khan) in NY maid assaults, I’d say you have far more stimulants to get you through the next three days than I.

Have a great weekend Pack Faithful!

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