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Playing Catch-up!

30 Mar

Have you ever just awaken one day, feeling as though you’ve shaken yourself loose from an alternate reality and had to ponder on how exactly you got to where you were?

Like, when did this happen?

Or, how did I miss that?

And, in my quest to do it all, have I really been accomplishing anything at all?

Unfortunately, that has sort of been my tale of woe over the past three months.  While I have been forced to be highly productive in many areas relating to my life and career, I feel as though I have been missing so many of the little things that, in en masse, are truly what make my life whole.

For instance, my inability to attend my ladies book club meetings; you have no idea how difficult describing Katniss and Gale and Peeta’s quasi-love triangle across three novels to my honey (who only wants to see the movie and couldn’t care less about the precise descriptors of Panem or the almost lyrical narrative of a country on the brink) has been.  Or having to regretfully decline an offer to coach students at my local track club because my schedule simply won’t allow it.  Or how about being shocked at learning something entire new and unexpected about my kids?

Eating Dinner with my Irish twins last night, I was doing a little raving over my spaghetti sauce loaded with grilled and sliced kielbasa (not vanity, just self-appreciation).  When I asked The Big Boy and Girl what they thought of their dinner, my son in no uncertain terms told me that he did not like my proffered meal.  After I got over my initial shock and hurt feelings, I asked him since when could he not abide by my cooking?  It was then that my daughter busted out laughing and said, “since he became a vegan!”


Emotionally Drained

26 Jul

It is seldom that I come across a picture from the web that so accurately depicts what I am feeling, but this one does exactly that…it’s been that sort of a week for me this far, and it’s only Tuesday.

Perhaps once I’ve had the chance to reassess, reevaluate and fully decompress, I will be able to share my source of discomfiture with you guys, but in the meantime, simply take this opportunity to chat amongst yourselves or key in a subject in the search bar and just leisurely peruse The Pack (oh come on, I do this a couple of times a year; you all know the drill).

Night night!

I Might Don’t Make It!

7 Jun

Today, I had to basically have a Come-To-Jesus meeting with myself!

Although the past couple of years have taught me all about preparation and how to make the best of a bad situation, I also learned one tough lesson…that the “know it all” trait that I have is actually just me being really hard-headed. I mean, for as strategic (and obssessive; I can admit it) as I normally am in planning out my daily work and personal life, you’d think I’d learn to make special concessions and back-up plans when it comes to situations out of my control (like expecting others to do what they’re supposed to).

That should have been the case while I was away this past weekend at the beach, but no! Like an unreasonable person, I had to gall to totally decompress and have a great time with my family, only to return to ten urgent voicemails, a slew of follow-up emails and a firestorm of needs, wants, requests and edicts; all needing to be addressed and extinguished by the close of my ten hour business day!

And even now, as I lay here too depleted of energy and mental horsepower to even focus on Weinergate or the plethora of other idiotic news ripe for the picking, I had to remind myself (this is where the CTJ meeting came in) that I could either let the frustrations of the day ruin the remaining six hours of this Tuesday, or I could make the best of my remaining quarter-day and enjoy a night of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, The Road to El Dorado and Kung-Fu Panda with The Big Girl.

OR I could opt for plan C and camp out in front of the TV with The Big Girl and take a power nap while she and Sharpay sing four to six Disney equivalents of Off-Broadway musical numbers!

…I think we have a winner!

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