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The Evolution and Revolution of the First Lady

25 Feb

As one of the commenters at the end of this video so eloquently pointed out; “Even if you don’t like Michelle Obama, you kinda do like Michelle Obama.”

In a recent visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the FLOTUS unveiled some pretty hot 2013 moves in honor of her Lets Move Campaign, dubbed, “The Evolution of Mom Dancing”.  And while it does look as though Lady O is dropping it low to do The Bump with Sarah Palin, Conservatives needn’t fret; tis only a lovely Jimmy Fallon in (strikingly believable) soccer mom drag.

Regardless however of what your political proclivities are, it appears that time and time again, Mrs. Obama continues to live up to the title of coolest First Lady on the planet. Ever.  I mean really, who among us can imagine Grace Coolidge doing the Charleston or Barbara Bush serving up the Cabbage Patch?

But even as a pop-culture icon, Michelle Obama has found a way to keep her finger on the pulse of popular culture in such a way that 1) her image as a political figure is able to resonate with the masses and most importantly 2) she has been able to call to and keep  attention on her platform in a way that might not have received much traction otherwise if she were not so…well, cool.  Call it what you will, but it’s that “real” and “attainable” air that has so many of us falling a little harder for her every time we see her.

Let’s Move: Lady O at The Open

10 Sep

A wife.  A Mother.  An Attorney. A First Lady.  An Athlete.  Michelle Obama always seems able to do it all, while in the process encouraging others to do the same.

Visiting the U.S. Open yesterday, Mrs. Obama was more than a spectator at the Men’s Quarterfinals match between Andy Murray and John Isner, but she was once again on the campaign trail, crusading for her ever popular Let’s Move! Initiative.

Becoming an active tennis player after completing her law degree at Harvard University, Lady O revealed that she always wanted to attend the U.S. Open, but never found the right opportunity to do so.  Friday afforded her the chance to not only enjoy some great matches, but to engage an audience of young tennis enthusiasts, and encourage them to continue to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Visiting the “SmashZone,” an interactive attraction at the U.S. Open, Obama joined a group of children in the 10 and Under Tennis League from the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program to discuss ways to combat childhood obesity, and play various tennis inspired games and activities.  Tennis greats such as Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, Serena Williams and James Blake were on hand to join in the festivities.

And although she readily admitted that her tennis skills were questionable (having seen the video, I’d kindly beg to differ…I’ve certainly seen worse) Michelle Obama could be seen working up a sweat after several rounds of table tennis, some doubles action against Serena Williams, Wii Tennis and even trying her hand at Wilson ® Speed Serve, where she clocked a 55 mph serve.

But more than the face time and photo-ops, Mrs. Obama was truly engaging, endearing and engrossed with the 10 and Under group, and their response to her was equally as riveting.

Talk about leading by example.  Brava First Lady, Brava.

Move Your Body…To Combat Childhood Obesity

28 Apr

Gas prices are high, people are defaulting on their home loans, the cost of food is through the roof and the nation is suffering through a belt-tightening recession.  Even our children are feeling the pinch of these difficult economic times. Teachers are being laid off, schools are closing, and those that are fortunate enough to stay open lack essential funding to keep critical music, physical education and academic programs in place.

Enter Beyonce.

No, she did not donate 2/3rds of her wealth to the U.S. Department of Education, but she has utilized her talents to endorse a cause that she seems to be very passionate about. Teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama in support of her Let’s Move Campaign, Mrs. Carter remade her 2007 hit single, “Get Me Bodied” with an even more energetic, kid-friendly flare.

The self-deprecating humor in her failure to distinguish between left and right, the obligatory flag waving and her batty-riders notwithstanding (hey, I couldn’t wear mine in high school, she shouldn’t be able to wear hers either), I found the “Move Your Body” song and video to be incredibly cute and to have the making of an amazingly vigorous 4 minute workout for kids and adults alike.

Take a peek at Bey and her body-rocking teens (most notably the little fella on the right with the fitted white cap *classic*) to see what I mean!

Let Them Eat Cake…er, S’mores

29 Dec

Whether debating the proximity of Russia to the state that she was once the executive of or encouraging the masses “to stand with our North Korean allies,” Sarah Palin can always be depended upon to scavenge furiously throughout her annals of idiocy to produce the sort of head-scratching foolishness that regularly leaves me wondering if she and Todd sit around their fireplace sipping absinth from mason jars while making up the next fantastical Palinism guaranteed to secure her a place in history as one of the most unapologetically misinformed politicians of our time.

It should really come as no surprise then that 1) a cable network would see these idiosyncratic catch phrases as fodder for Reality TV gold, thus providing Mrs. Palin with a medium by which to project her daily wrongness to the multitudes and 2) she would use that conduit to take pot-shots at a woman who’s intellectual competency clearly elicits a severe case of cerebral envy within her.

In a recently aired episode of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the spokeswoman for frameless eyewear and up-do’s took a dig at the FOTUS and her youth anti-obesity campaign while preparing S’mores:

“[These are] in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.”

The fact that Palin had again opened and spewed falsehoods from her orifice before bothering to fact check was shocking to no one (Obama has never said that sugary confections should be forbidden from American tummies, only that as far as she is concerned, dessert is not a right for Sasha and Malia, and that the foods they eat be balanced with fruits and vegetables).  What is surprising however, is that this family values touting, otherwise health conscious mother of five would somehow find fault with an initiative designed at helping this nation’s children to live more healthy and active lifestyles.  Hmm, now who’s being un-American?

In reality, it is obvious that in her quest to be the first woman and most mis-educated President that ever lived, Palin’s election strategy has been to disassociate herself with all things common sense Obama, including a program designed to save the lives of America’s youths from the inside out.  But amidst the snottiness, I imagine that what Mrs. Disagreeable did not count on were the (grudgingly) glowing accolades that GOP heavyweights like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Mississippi Governor-slash-likely-2012-GOP-Presidential-contender Haley Barbour bestowed upon Mrs. O and her efforts to transcend party line politricks and implement an agenda that would actually serve the (young) people of this country.

As it stands though, since Mrs. Palin has never really given off the impression of a student of change (or of anything else for that matter), I wonder if it’d be safe for one to assume that her modus operandi for her 2012 presidential run will be to remain hypocritical, delusional and contrary; convinced herself, and convincing all who opt to drink the Tea that adolescent health and physical fitness are simply means for Big Government to further embed itself in the lives of real Americans families?

You betcha!

Are You Ready For Some Football? Flotus Says: Let’s Move!

9 Sep

A woman after my own football-loving heart, Michelle Obama is quite possibly the most awesome First Lady of The United States, bar none!  Mrs. Obama visited Brock Elementary School yesterday in Slidell, Louisiana to continue with her Let’s Move Campaign promotions.   

Later suiting up (in a flag football belt and a tres chic capped-sleeved top) at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans, Lady O along with the likes of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy and New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister engaged in a friendly game of flag football with close to 70 local kids.

Motivating the children to actively participate in combating childhood obesity, Obama took time out from the fun and games to deliver a captivating pep-talk:

 “We’re here because of you.  We want you guys to grow up strong and healthy. Anyone can be smart and funny but if you’re not in good health, we know that you will have a hard way to go.”

Like The NFL’s Play 60 Campaign, Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative has been developed to encourage active and healthy lifestyles and behaviors in children.  The newest phase of the campaign focuses on nutrition.

“The reality is that our schools are on the front lines of our efforts to fight childhood obesity.  The nutrition education they get at schools might be the only guidance they get on making healthy decisions about what they eat.”

In addressing the concerns surrounding a healthier generation of young people, Michelle Obama has embarked on a much needed and wonderfully executed platform…and coinciding this latest outing with the start of Football Season was also a savvy touch.

You can check out our fit FLOTUS getting it done on the gridiron here.

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