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Praise Break: Let The Accountants Say Amen!

15 Jun

It has been a long and arduous two months of processes and procedures appraisals, liquidity assessments, reconciliations, IRS regulations research and overall financial evaluations, but as of this evening, I’ve officially completed my 2010 and stump year 2011 audit efforts!!!!!!!!!

In fact, I was SO excited when I handed over my last report to the independent auditor this evening that I blurted out a guttural, “Hallelujah!”  The funny part however was when she accepted my paperwork and replied, “Hallelujah, indeed!”

And as I packed up my laptop, portfolios and bags and headed to the parking lot, I promise you that my woooh-saw, and then my praise break was exactly like this one!

Praise Break: So You Think You Can Praise?

1 Apr

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I know that it is recommended in the Book of Psalm to “let everything that has breath praise the Lord,” but I wonder if there is some yet-to-be-discovered Aramaic caveat to this passage which suggests that although passionate, perhaps the praise in question be – less animated?

Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t ever see me criticizing one’s method for revering God, and I am certainly not doing that here with Paul Eugene (as I am sure his crowns in heaven are quite heavy; what, with him praising God and helping the saints to burning calories all in one fell swoop), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat distracted by Paulie’s approach and technique (namely is Rick Flare-esque “wooing” and segment transitioning jazz hands), but hey, that’s just me.

I mean, if ten minutes of Paul Eugene’s quirky ways and Christian C-Walking praise walking brings someone closer to The Kingdom, then who am I to fret over the “how”?



Praise Break: The Last Baptism

21 Oct

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Although I’ve seen this clip on multiple occasions, the unorthodox spiritual cleansing witnessed here still gets me giggling every time! 

And while I am certain that every member of the global rainbow coalition is precious in the sight of our Heavenly Father, I can’t help but to snicker at how differently this baptism would have gone had it taken place at my melanin enriched place of worship.  Let’s just say that between the armor bearers and my all-the-way-live pastor, this kid’s submersion would have likely been an extended one!

Praise Break: I Just Want To Be Right

27 Aug

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today was one of those days that although had plenty of “worthy” news stories to blog about, left me feeling a little overwhelmed and not really in the mood to be insightful. Chalk it up to the fact that I live in a country that prides itself on owning the melting pot monopoly, yet has a small but vocal societal fringe that would have you believe that restoring America requires strict uniformity and homogeny.  Or perhaps my dissociative funk has a bit to do with knowing that although in these here 50 states I have the freedom to practice my religion without persecution, I am left wondering if in Atlanta, my sister-friend’s freedoms are being infringed upon because she maintains her hold on a faith that differs from what’s found within the status quo; a faith that has currently been dealt with in a controversial, horribly vicious and dismissive way.  But like I said, I’m far too weary to even go there…besides, that topic is one that requires at least 500mgs of ibuprofen and all I have in the medicine cabinet is 200mgs of chewable aspirin. Translation: not gonna happen.

What is happening today on The Pack though, is a look at people who worship (humorously) without apology; a series I like to call “Praise Break.”  Now, having grown up in the typical Baptist Church setting, my mother always used to fuss at me for my sheer delight (read: amusement) in other people’s method of worship.  What she didn’t seem to understand however, was that I was not poking fun at the folks who back-flipped down the church’s center aisle or who “testified”  a little too long about being blessed to be able to tithe properly off of their winning Pick-Three ticket. No, these “offerings of thanks” although funny motivated me to be grateful and to appreciate all that I have.

Same goes for (we’ll call her) Sister Fedora in the video above.  Although she is invoking the 100th Psalms with all of her might, yet is only giving us the noise (none of it joyful), she has truly encouraged me with her passionate (though at times, tone deaf) plea, to do a better job of being right, living right and doing right…and at the end of the day, isn’t that what this life here on earth is all about anyway?

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