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The Fanny Pack Husband Tag

23 Dec

In addition to the multiple blogs that I subscribe to and enjoy reading, as well as my moderate addiction to Social Media, I am unashamed to admit that I also have a minor love affair with YouTube.

Whether it’s fashion, hair, makeup, politics or popular culture; I LOVE watching the multitude of videos that people all over the world upload to YouTube.  I’ve even drank some of the social video crazy juice and have been regularly uploading vids as well, the most fun of which has been a two part Husband Tag video that I was surprisingly able to get The Honey to voluntarily participate in.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes through my mind when The Honey cuts a fool, or if he tolerates my special brand of foolery, then check out these amusing videos that give a little insight into our life, love and relationship.


The Most Wonderful Time

23 Dec

There is certainly something both heartening and compelling to awakening to one’s own circadian rhythm.  Or receiving the last of the holiday packages in the mail the first thing in the morning.  Or getting up and relishing in a delicious home-cooked breakfast with a 12-cup pot of coffee brewing.  Or (best of all) having an out-of –office memo activated to deter anyone from calling or emailing with any work related inquiries.

Coming off of one of the busiest schedules of my life, it is wonderful to have these next few days of Holiday Vacation to have special moments to just relax, time to enjoy family and friends and the mindfulness to reflect upon the true reason for the season.

Now, if I could only find matching Holiday Footed Pajamas for the entire family (I told The Pack that they could not open any gifts unless they all came to the tree on Christmas morn, donned in this year’s designated Pack Family Jammies) and several Extreme Holiday Sweaters for Church on Sunday, I would be totally winning!

I’m (Not) Every Woman!

12 Dec

You ever feel like you are doing SO much, yet actually getting nothing done at all?

Oh. I’m the only one then?

Well, that is absolutely what I have been going through over these past few weeks.  It doesn’t matter how many bake sale cookies I produce, overtime hours I work, wrestling matches or AAU tourneys I attend; I just can’t mark everything off my everlasting “to do” list.  And if you know me, then you already know that I am awaiting God’s answer to my petition for 4 more hours of sunlight, as there are certainly not enough hours in the day!

Even late last week, I forgot to send my kid to school with the supplies she needed to begin a project that must be completed by tomorrow; I had to adjust my schedule to include a business dinner that I didn’t add to my calendar a month ago when I accepted the invitation and after two month of rescheduling his appointments, I had to ask my mother to take The Baby Child to his doctor’s appointment, where he ended up needing four shots!

Talk about Jesus being a fence!  And an anti-anxiety agent.  And a 32 oz. Calgon container.

Tiffany FAIL!

11 Dec

With December almost half-over, I’ve been quite apprehensive to even log onto The Pack to check the daily readership stats, especially since I’ve not posted anything of substance since late November.  Still, thanks to those of you who have at least “peeked” in to see if I’ve had an opportunity to either, vent, complain or enlighten.

This time of year has proven to be uber-busy for me (what, with counting down until Holiday Vacation, remembering sizes, scratching gifts off the lists, taking Christmas Photos and mailing holiday cards) but I promise that I will try to do and be better.

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