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Dinner and a Movie: The Pack Household Style

28 Aug

The weather has held off, the kiddies are ready for school tomorrow, I’ve got a tone of work done today and I even had a power nap for the ages!  All that’s left now is to convince the family that the VMA’s and True Blood can be DVR’d and that Family Movie Night with Thor, Goobers, Raisinettes and Extra Buttery Redenbacher is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Family Time

25 Jul

Sometimes there is no better feeling than spending some serious quality time with your family.  Today, I committed my time to reading my babygirl’s writing, listening to her little stories and helping her set up her own blog.  She was over the moon at the idea of having her own “dot com” and the notion of people being able to actually read her thoughts.  Because she comes from creative stock, I must admit that I am equally as excited to read her fanciful ideas and daily posts.  The girl is definitely a chip off the old block…or more specifically, a young duplicate of the more mature original.

Picture Walk: The Mini Myrtle Vaca

8 Jun

As I shared in yesterday’s post, my family excursion to Myrtle Beach last weekend for The Beach Club Track and Field Challenge was a veritable headache and an indubitable “hustle” by the host team, but despite the South Carolinian shenanigans, we were still able to capture a few priceless moments on this trip and turn them into vacation worthy memories.

Upon arrival into town, similar to the way a frequent flier scopes out the exits on his aircraft, I was searching out all of the reasonable shopping sites within a 10-mile radius of my hotel.

We were fortunate enough to garner an amazing 7th floor suite with an equally amazing oceanfront view.

While I was waiting in the lobby for my honey and nephew to finish toting all of our luggage up to the suite….

…the Irish twins were looking for some mischief to get into.

Later that evening, we headed out to satiate our palettes.  My Family was in TOTAL agreement, the highlight of the first day was Benjamin’s Original Calabash; surely you can see why!

Saturday began with a beautiful and bright sunrise

But the day proved to be so hot that the tents were up in full force!


The big boy preparing for greatness 

And he didn’t disappoint; placing in the top 5 

With the LONG afternoon on the field over, a trek to the beach was in order.

After wrapping up an eventful day, we sat on the balcony and watched a lightning storm.

Finally, before shipping out on Day 3, our final stop was to the resort’s Water Park for a little Sun and Fun before returning to reality.


 *Note: The baby child stayed with the grands and did not make this trip; what with the hectic schedule of the weekend, and of course his propensity for buck-wild-ness when away from his creature comforts (re: unlimited supply of apple juice, carrot sticks and Nick Jr.).


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