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*Hand Clap* Me and You, Us Never Part

19 Aug

“Me and you, us never part. Makidada. Me and you, us have one heart. Makidada. Ain’t no ocean, ain’t no sea. Makidada. Keep my sister away from me.”

As apparent as it is that The Color Purple is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies, this post has little if anything to do with Celie and Nettie.  I only referenced their singsong rhyme to point out that barring my ascension to The Pearly Gates, there isn’t a whole lot that would keep me from chatting with you guys via The Fanny Pack.

Unfortunately, my mini-hiatus this month has had a lot to do with some physical health circumstances.  A few weeks back, I was once again sidelined with migraines and some other funky stuff that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but that I knew wasn’t quite right and had me feeling some kinda way!  Deciding that I had to go back to the doctors once again, and not leave there until I got some satisfactory answers, I ended up with even more tests, blood work, detailed analysis and enough poking and prodding to last two lifetimes.

And while I have seen and spoken to my primary care physician multiple times this week, she still wants to treat and retest me due to her immense displeasure at my original results.  Still, with my health (physical and mental), real life and the other daily goings-on that keep me busy nonstop, I just wanted to take a second to let you  guys know that I’ve not forgotten about you, and that you all coming to The Pack to allow me to decompress is always the highlight of my day!


Migraines, Fever, Flu and The CDC

8 Nov

It’s been far too long Pack Faithful, and being away from you all has really made me feel like Celie and Nettie…You and me will never part *Hand Clap*

So, here’s the lowdown on why I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few weeks…

Two weekends ago, after experiencing the sort of brain ache that made me want to extend a personal two-angel-detail invitation to both Michael and Gabriel to escort me on to glory, I was dragged kicking and screaming strongly encouraged to return to my doctor’s office for better analysis of my situation and more tests to determine what has really been going on with me.  When I finally made the call for an appointment that Tuesday (two full days after feeling like I’d gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson…the late 80’s heavyweight camp, not the ear biting, facial tattooed round-in-the-middle Mike), I had already been suffering with a fever that had been sitting at a consistent 103 degrees.

After a bevy of questions and some poking and prodding, my doctor was convinced that I was her first case of flu for the season (and even though I was deliriously feverish, I am convinced that she delivered this diagnosis in an almost giddy fashion…like she won the “First Flu Case” office pool or something!).  Writing out more than a half dozen prescriptions for my aches and pains, she hopped onto her computer and dialed up the Center for Disease Control to determine if there was a new strain of flu that had been identified for the season.  Once satisfied that I’d not been infected with some new and improved mutated bug, she administered a non-to-gentle Tamiflu shot in the tuckus and sent me to the lab for some blood work.

A day later, my doctor called to let me know that my tests had determined that I did not have the flu, but because my fever had not broken and my head was still throbbing, she wanted me to come in for even more tests.  This visit ended with me feeling like a human pin cushion and with an appointment with a specialist for the following week for an MRI and a CAT scan.

I’m told that the next couple of days included a pharmaceutically induced tirade (or three) where I fired my pool guy for trespassing (note: I don’t have a pool guy…or a pool), fussed at my nephew for being careless after I single-handedly saved him from spies and accused my honey of getting me sick for life insurance purposes.  Again, this is all hearsay (and if you ask me, more than a bit exaggerated) but if I did utter such outlandish things, surely the daily Tamiflu-Hydrocodone-Promethazine cocktail I was taking would be to blame, no?

So basically as it stands now, my doctor seems to believe that yet another migraine triggered something most foul that put me out of commission for seven whole days, and I must now spend a $70 specialist referral co-pay visit a neurologist to see if he can better pinpoint what the problem is and how best to fix it.

See?  You had to know that there was a good reason for me to leave you guys hanging for so long.  And just know that I forgive each of you for secretly accusing me of being negligent and egregious.  With that however, I do ask that on my behalf, you send up a quick prayer that 1) these migraines are only a result of stress and nothing more and 2) I learn to manage my stress better so that my body never again decides to go on auto-pilot and shut down in the name of self-preservation.

Please and Thanks!


I Simply CANNOT Today!

8 Oct


I can barely type a complete sentence; much less convey a complete and coherent blog thought today.

Why, you ask?

Migraine, Migraine, Migraine!!!

You know the kind that feels as though  your eyeball are seeking refuge anywhere but inside your skull; the kind that fills your tear ducts to capacity and threatens to leave you a sniveling baby at your workstation; the kind that laughs in the face of ZOMIG and MAXALT (and completely kicks Advil’s candy-coated-behind up and down the pharmacy aisle).  Yeah, that kind of migraine.  And it’s gotten so bad that my out-of-town honey has called my mother to drive an hour to come and pick me up from work (now that is a Lifetime Movie Network special waiting to happen!).

So forgive me if today’s post encompasses the things that boredom is made of.  I feel pretty crappy, and I am absconding to my bed in 10…9…8…and depending on how I feel on the morrow…7…6…5…we may try this whole deep blog thing again.  Until then…4…3…2…feel free to peruse the previous posts at your leisure.

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