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The Kobe System: Vanessa, You’re Welcome

23 Jan

If you haven’t seen the most recent exploits of the warm-up wearing, motivational speaking guru, The Black Mamba as he schools the World’s One Percenters on how to excel further despite their own individual greatness and success, then you must be watching all things Republican on a continuous C-Span loop.

For those of you however as amused as I was by Serena’s Grander Slam, Sir Richard Branson’s planet purchase, Jerry Rice wanting to understand the words coming out of Kobe’s mouth or Kanye actually considering someone else’s advice for a change, know that this latest Nike brainchild had to have been developed of authentic and necessary origins.  I mean, whether you love him or loathe him, Kobe Bryant has had an epic and undoubtedly future Basketball Hall of Fame career.  He has been likened to The Great One in just about every aspect of the game and even in his many lucrative endorsement deals.

Unfortunately also like Mike, Mr. Bryant has recently had to endure the ill effects of his dirty laundry being aired to the world and his marriage ultimately becoming collateral damage.  And in a dunder-headed move of having no prenuptial agreement, Kobe’s pockets have become nearly $150 Million lighter almost overnight.

So yes, the notion of Kobe motivating the Über-successful into being even more so is a unique and cheeky idea which makes for a great shoe selling advertising campaign, but know that in 2012, every commercial, fade away, public speaking outing, behind the back pass and 3-point shot are all simply motivational mechanisms for #24…The man’s got a lot of monetary recouping to do!


DWTS Season 13: I Might Actually Watch an Episode or Two

19 Sep

Actors, Reality Show Stars, Talk Show Hosts and Athletes.  Seems like the perfunctory amalgamation of contestants for yet another season of Dancing with the Stars, right?  I’d certainly say so, except that in the case of the Season 13 cast, many of them have had a rather high-profile year, making the show a likely high ratings contender.

Take for instance the women’s World Cup darling, Hope Solo.  Although she and Team USA couldn’t quite get past Japan to take home the title, her athleticism, won’t-quit attitude and obvious beauty earned her a slew of fans; both soccer savvy and oblivious alike.  I imagine those same fans will swarm to the phones on her behalf.

Then there is Nancy Grace.  The in-your-face legal beagle got a lot of face time this year as she covered the Casey Anthony trial (and basically convicted and condemned the woman as well).  I don’t know how all that attention will translate on the show, or if the instigator is even able to Viennese Waltz, but if nothing more, I am sure she will be good for a giggle or two.

Now if I’m honest, I am most interested in seeing Ron Artest compete. And no, not because like his athletic predecessors, he faces pretty favorable odds at claiming the Mirror Ball Trophy by the show’s conclusion.  Actually, I am (ashamedly) looking forward to Ron’s admitted nuttiness, his sharp tongue, whether or not he will thank his therapist for her encouragement on his Foxtrot and if Tom Bergeron & company will address him as Metta World Peace all season.

But in this sea of twelve, there are sure to be some other early stand-outs as well as fan favorites:

The Reality Stars: Kristin Cavallari, Robert Kardashian and Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy)

The Actors: David Arquette, Elisabetta Canalis, Ricki Lake (Actor turned Talk Show Sensation) and Chynna Phillips (Actor turned chart topping musician)

The Activists/Motivators: Chaz Bono (LGBT rights advocate) and J.R. Martinez (Injured Iraq War Veteran slash motivational speaker slash “All My Children” cast mate).

With this collection of spotlight grabbers, good guys, feel good stories, nostalgia evokers, famous for no reason and “what were they thinking” participants, I suspect that this will be a big season for DWTS.  And I’m all in this go ‘round…at least until Bruno makes an uncomfortable reference to one of the contestants Paso Doble execution and the physical act of child bearing.

2011 Women’s World Cup Finals: Team USA does it on the field

13 Jul

Congratulations are absolutely in order to the USA Women’s Soccer Team!  After stunning the Brazilians (through overtime, saves, penalty kicks…not to mention being a woman short) on Sunday and then dominating France this afternoon, the U.S. Ladies of Fútbol have solidified their place in the Women’s FIFA World Cup Championship Finals against Japan this coming Sunday.

And although it is certainly exciting to see these girls (who run the world) kick butt and take names on such a grandiose international stage, what’s most inspiring about Hope, Abby, Alex and the rest of this squad of She-Ra’s is the fact that they relish in defying the odds; epitomizing heart, perseverance and that won’t-quit-attitude (Just ask Team Brazil)!

So whether you’ve been watching these ladies solidifying their legacy from day one, or are just becoming familiar with the “All We Do Is Win” girls, c’mon and jump on the bandwagon with the rest of us, and revel in the awesomeness of Team USA.  Besides, at this rate they may very well be on their way to adding yet another piece of hardware to the already illustriously loaded trophy case in Chicago.

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