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The Fanny Pack Husband Tag

23 Dec

In addition to the multiple blogs that I subscribe to and enjoy reading, as well as my moderate addiction to Social Media, I am unashamed to admit that I also have a minor love affair with YouTube.

Whether it’s fashion, hair, makeup, politics or popular culture; I LOVE watching the multitude of videos that people all over the world upload to YouTube.  I’ve even drank some of the social video crazy juice and have been regularly uploading vids as well, the most fun of which has been a two part Husband Tag video that I was surprisingly able to get The Honey to voluntarily participate in.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes through my mind when The Honey cuts a fool, or if he tolerates my special brand of foolery, then check out these amusing videos that give a little insight into our life, love and relationship.


“The Modern Day Matchmaker LIVE: Real Relationship Talk”

3 Jun

It’s Matchmaking time!   The Modern Day Matchmaker event has begun and the live streaming will be starting  at 8:45pm EST. So come on in, get cozy and let the enlightenment begin.  I’ve got my popcorn, I’m stylin’ in my Old Navy Flip-flops and Koolats (and chilling at home), but I’m totally ready to part-tay! Let’s do this!

For those following along via Twitter, make sure to include the show hashtag #MDML in each of your tweets!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Meet The Modern Day Matchmaker!

3 Jun

What: “The Modern Day Matchmaker LIVE: Real Relationship Talk”

Where:  New York City, Providence Lounge

When:  Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 8pm

Are you familiar with the real-life Hitch? Oh yes ladies and gents, he does exist!  Okay, well not the Hitch from the movies.  And not the Hitch from New York…and no, not the Hitch named “Hitch.”  Actually, this professional matchmaker is Paul Carrick Brunson (a way cooler name than Hitch, wouldn’t you agree?), and if you don’t recognize him now, you soon will.

Paul is a certified life and relationship coach, and the co-founder and President of OneDegreeFrom.Me, a premiere matchmaking and lifestyle coaching services for singles.  He is also the founder of the L10 Project, a school repair and revitalization foundation that focuses on restoration projects in the United States and The Caribbean.

For Paul, it was the realization that at the end of the day wealth and status meant nothing without the love, support and stability that only a strong relationship could provide, that lead him to make the decision of his life.  Choosing to leave his lucrative career in investment banking and management to become a “student of love,” Paul dedicated a full year of his life simply to learning about love and relationships.  After having studied extensively, undergone the rigors of match making training and obtaining his life coach certification, Paul made up his mind that he wanted to help people to be successful in both life and love.

A man who was able to turn his hobby for helping friends and family to find happy and long lasting relationships into a full-fledged business, Paul believes that these sorts of personal connections should be everlasting and are the foundation by which a well functioning society should be measured.  Being happily married for eight years, he not only practices what he preaches, but provides to his clients a genuine perspective from his own successful relationship that positively influences his match making abilities.

But although his clients had been heeding his advice and finding their happily ever afters over the years, surely Paul must have been left to wonder: what about everyone else?  Deciding that the masses needed to hear his take on relationships, Paul packed up his know-how and developed a multi-city tour called “The Modern Day Matchmaker LIVE: Real Relationship Talk”.  The first leg of the tour kicked-off in his home town of Washington, D.C. and was a totally sold-out success.  Between now and December, the tour will continue on to New York City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. 

If all of that wasn’t cool enough, I am happy to share that Paul has teamed with The Fresh Xpress to provide live simulcast from the New York leg of his Matchmaker tour this evening.  I am also pretty psyched to let you know that through my staff writer position with The Fresh Xpress, I will be hosting streaming video and social network chats from the event LIVE here at The Pack!  So whether you are married, dating-and-growing or single-and-looking; log in tonight at 8pm, check out the show, post your comments and see what the real life Hitch (only better) has to say about finding, enhancing and keeping love. 

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