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The NBA Finals: Game 1 and Why I Can’t Wait for Russell’s Post-Game Interview

12 Jun

While it is true that I (along with most Americans not residing in the Sunshine State) have become more and more enamored with the basketball team formerly known as The Seattle SuperSonics, their dominance, resilience, youth and imminent Game 1 win (crosses-fingers), is not why I am looking forward to Russell Westbrook’s post-game interview.

The truth is (just like one of my Instagram-mers @karlmeloanthony hilariously pointed out) I can’t wait to see if maybe, just maybe Russell will take his eclectic styling to another level and bless us all with this throwback Gordon Gartrell tonight!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Will Get You Fired!

11 Jan

Okay listen.  Just like most, I find true entertainment in music and sports.  And on that rare occasion when the two are perfectly blended, I have no problem with a good time being had by all.

THIS however, was not one of those instances.  Sure, this is gut-bursting hilarity funny, clearly executed for the sake of the on-looking baseball population, and was likely a little bit staged, but let us be serious for one minute.

This man’s job is not to be a Luke Dancer or Beyonce’s drop-it-like-it’s-hot surrogate.  He is a snug-blue-shirt-wearing security guard, hired to ensure that the Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielders and third baseman were protected from rogue fruit individuals seeking to disrupt the sanctity of American’s (former) favorite pastime.

Besides, is he not aware that with the black unemployment rate currently at 15.8%, booty-clapping in left-field could result in a banana in the tailpipe a pink slip?


The Winners and Losers of the 2011-2012 NBA Season

26 Nov

It’s funny because as my honey and I sat around the television in total gluttonous-mode watching an overabundance of both NFL and NCAA football for the past three days, I asked him what exactly we were going to do to get our daily sports allowance on Christmas Day with the NBA Lockout still in full swing.  Licking his gravy stained fingers, he looked at me and promised that the players and owners would come to a resolution well in advance of the holidays, just in time to reinstate my annual Christmas Day Laker hatin’.

Taking that bet, I told my honey that he was crazy to think that the NBA players would agree to any sort of amended terms that the owners presented this late in the season after the way they had been treating them more like serfs than partners.  But wouldn’t you know it, today after 15 hours of talks and in true acquiescence, the players reached a deal with the owners for the NBA Season to begin on Christmas Day.

So thank you David Stern, Derek Fisher and ‘dem.  Due to your indecisiveness, hemming and hawing and extended vacation days, I now have to honor my wager with the honey, and will be hand washing his delicates, massaging his back and detailing his leather interior for two whole weeks!

NOT winning!

Overtime & THE Monday Night Rivalry

26 Sep

Sorry, nothing philosophical today folks.  Actually, I’m in Monday night prep mode for the rest of my week.  With my assistant having just gotten married this past weekend and his plans to honeymoon in the Caribbean until the beginning of October, I figured that as opposed to having to train and pay a temp or to struggle through some long and arduous days, I will be bringing the excess work home.

But don’t cry for me Argentina.  Although I will likely be working into the wee hours, I do have my Skins on Monday Night Football to keep me warm tonight. And with Tony Romo clearly continuing to bet against Dallas (if his recent playing is any indicator), I am feeling quite comfortable that the Redskins will help to alleviate a lot of my workload discontent this evening!

Welp, No More World Peace, How About a Rear Naked Choke?

21 Sep

It seems as though I was one of the suckers that clearly bought into the stereotype about all 6’7” blonds from the West Coast being able to dance. Unfortunately though, the joke was clearly on me last night.

Metta World Peace, or the L.A. Laker Forward formerly known as Ronald William Artest, Jr. and his dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd were the first couple eliminated from the Dancing with the Stars season opener, and from his convulsive Cha Cha Cha, bling’d out bowtie/fedora combo and ridiculous new ‘do, it wasn’t that hard to see why.  But like the gentler giant that World Peace has been lately, he graciously bid his competitors adieu, planted a chaste kiss on Nancy Grace’s cheek (she joined him in the bottom two) and thanked Peta for all her hard work whipping him into dancing shape.

So as promised, I’m pretty much done with DWTS for this season.  Now, I had planned to catch X-Factor to see if my favorite Brit’s acrid tongue had lost any of its venom, but thanks to my honey, I’m elbows deep into the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter.  And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already learned something.  Apparently ladies, it’s not called a butt-naked choke.

Let’s Move: Lady O at The Open

10 Sep

A wife.  A Mother.  An Attorney. A First Lady.  An Athlete.  Michelle Obama always seems able to do it all, while in the process encouraging others to do the same.

Visiting the U.S. Open yesterday, Mrs. Obama was more than a spectator at the Men’s Quarterfinals match between Andy Murray and John Isner, but she was once again on the campaign trail, crusading for her ever popular Let’s Move! Initiative.

Becoming an active tennis player after completing her law degree at Harvard University, Lady O revealed that she always wanted to attend the U.S. Open, but never found the right opportunity to do so.  Friday afforded her the chance to not only enjoy some great matches, but to engage an audience of young tennis enthusiasts, and encourage them to continue to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Visiting the “SmashZone,” an interactive attraction at the U.S. Open, Obama joined a group of children in the 10 and Under Tennis League from the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program to discuss ways to combat childhood obesity, and play various tennis inspired games and activities.  Tennis greats such as Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, Serena Williams and James Blake were on hand to join in the festivities.

And although she readily admitted that her tennis skills were questionable (having seen the video, I’d kindly beg to differ…I’ve certainly seen worse) Michelle Obama could be seen working up a sweat after several rounds of table tennis, some doubles action against Serena Williams, Wii Tennis and even trying her hand at Wilson ® Speed Serve, where she clocked a 55 mph serve.

But more than the face time and photo-ops, Mrs. Obama was truly engaging, endearing and engrossed with the 10 and Under group, and their response to her was equally as riveting.

Talk about leading by example.  Brava First Lady, Brava.

Terrapins and Under Armour: They Put on…for Their State!

7 Sep

There was certainly a lot going through my mind as I sat down to catch one of the 2011 College Football Season’s anticipated-in-light-of-scandal games Monday night.  For Instance:

  1.  ACC? Aren’t there any SEC Games or highlights that I can watch instead?
  2. Why is everyone acting as if these allegations against “The U” are surprising?
  3. Didn’t Virginia Tech win the ACC last year? Why is Maryland…huh?! Honey, DVR pon de replay! What in the world are they wearing!?!?

And just like that, I literally lost my entire train of thought.

A proud product of the DMV and longtime resident of Baltimore before relocating for work (my Merrland license plate still adorns my automobile), I was never ashamed to call “the old line state” home.  Plus, of all the states I’ve lived, I always thought Maryland had the most unique state flag.  That was, until I saw it custom-cut and draped across the biceps and thighs of scores of burly young men.

But for as much hating as The University of Maryland football team received for their interesting season opening get-ups, and Under Amour, for designing what some would consider an unholy abomination or the NCAA approved visual punishment for their opponents, the Miami Hurricanes (or what the Oregon Ducks threw-up), I have to admit that my opinion on the imaginative digs have changed a bit.

Of course, anytime a designer springs cutting edge fashion on people all willy-nilly, without a chance to prep first or digest, the response is often negative.  And I was certainly amongst the millions on twitter flashing fashion police badges and writing citations to Maryland and cease and desist orders to Under Amour Monday night.  With the dawning of a new day, a cup of Butter Toffee Coffee and the chance to see the uniforms in still photos Tuesday morning however, I have to say that with that menacing Templar-slash-ominous-Gladiator look, I actually kind of like them (and not just because I have a pending corporate strategist employment application awaiting review in the Under Armour HR office).

I mean sure, while Nike and The Oregon Ducks remain the trailblazers when it comes to radical and avant-garde NCAA football uni’s and have been for years, UA is by no means a slouch when it comes to athletic performance apparel.  And even though no one may be “checking” for the Terrapins when it comes to top seeds and rankings, this new inner state sponsorship/alliance certainly doesn’t hurt either organization.  Really, if Monday night’s internet and social media kerfuffle was any indicator, these new uniforms were just what the doctor ordered to get folks talking about and even more interested in UMD and UA.

So what say ye?  Does the impressive Baltimore-based upstart have its finger on the pulse with its football focused branding and sponsorships?  Do they pose any real competition for Nike? Will representing their state and donning the Calvert and Crossland crests give the Terps greater incentive to pull-off a winning record this season? 

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