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Maybe Baby? Beyonce Confirms Pregnancy

28 Aug

Forget a People Magazine interview or even an Oprah come-back-for-one-more-episode exclusive.  What better way to break the news of her successful first trimester than live at the 2011 MTV Music Awards?

She’s conquered the Music Industry as 1/3 of a Girl Group, skyrocketed as an International Soloist, bulldozed her way into the fashion world and hijacked the Movie Industry as an actress (depending on who you ask).  The only natural progression for the Queen Bey at this point would be motherhood, no?  Beaming at the MTV Music Awards, Beyonce debuted her fully covered vermillion baby bump for her fans, and the world to behold.

Later during the show as she performed her new single “Love On Top” in a haute couture tuxedo with a sequined purple jacket, Mrs. Carter belted out her love for her baby’s daddy then ended the performance by ripping open her jacket and exposing and rubbing her maternity pants waistband and protruding belly.

Welp, while congrats certainly are in order for the expecting couple, I suppose this not-to-subtle reveal puts an end to Sean and Beyonce’s whole clandestine quest to keep their relationship out of the public eye now doesn’t it?



Bey is for (Baby) Bump?

20 Oct

With wars on two fronts, the National Unemployment Rate nearing 10% and midterm elections less than 14 days away, it still boggles my mind how I can get an email or an instant message from a friend about some really inconsequential celebrity gossip and find myself rendered utterly distracted for the remainder of the day.

Such has been the case with Beyonce Baby Watch 3.0.  The last several times that it has been reported that a source close to the couple had revealed to the media Bey and Jay’s impending parenthood, it only took a few weeks, a custom fitted sleeveless onesie-tard and some twerked-out video dance moves to prove that short of subjecting her unborn fetus to shaken baby syndrome, there was no way the Queen Bey could be concealing a pregnancy.

Well it seems the rumor mill is at it yet again, and this time outlets like MSNBC and even the Today Show are having a say about the potential birth of Music Royalty.

[Insert Media Outlet Here] is reporting that the singer is pregnant with her first child, and that the news has come as a total surprise to her.

*Queue Inside Source’s Quote in 3…2…1…*

“B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet.  She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again [but] this is a gift from God and she’s so happy.”

Honestly, if Mr. and Mrs. Carter are expecting, I can say that I am genuinely happy for them, but the reality is, she has been fervently unyielding about her personal life remaining out of the public eye for years.  I mean, she didn’t even want the world to know that she and Jay-Z had gotten hitched back in 2008 for weaves sakes.  So now some tabloids, with the assistance of a few liberal broadcasting outlets expect us to believe that Beyonce is giving the world a glimpse into her first trimester? 

 I think the only way they’ll get me to drink that Kool-Aid is if she pulls an Alicia Keys Pregnant-Piano-Crawl at the Grammy’s next year, or her water breaks in mid “Now put your hands up” at the 2011 Essence Festival.  Otherwise, as far as I’m concerned, they’re just reporting water weight.

 Still, when Beyonce finally does settle down and decides to have a family, you have to admire that she’s lived on her own terms. It’s always awesome to see a young woman with the ability to look back and relish in the fact that she’s experienced such a full life so early on, that she has simply lived for herself and that she can one day share those stories of independence and discovery with her children.

 Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t particularly wax poetic for Beyonce Knowles, but I must admit that I’m not mad at her either. 

 Do you boo.

Now THAT’S What I Call a B’Day!!!

7 Sep

Calling all Beyonce Stans… If you are of the male persuasion with grand aspirations of wooing the Queen of Pop(tarts) away from her man, he has thrown down the gauntlet and now the ball is in your court.

Having celebrated her 29th birthday this weekend, Bey was gifted with (hold on to your platinum, waist-length weaves ladies)…an island!!!!  Shelling out a cool $20 Million, The Jigga Man added a picturesque 12.5 acre island just off The Florida Keys to his wife’s portfolio.

I swear, it’s like a calculated game of 21st Century Monopoly between these two; I can’t wait to see how she plans to upgrade him on his birthday.  What do you want to wager that she’ll probably buy him the Eastern-most part of The Moon with a Lunar Condo to boot?

Beyonce’s (Not So Beautiful) Nightmare

13 Jul

Apparently, the whole married/domesticated lifestyle is still a work in progress for Jay-Z.  Okay, I’m jesting a bit…but c’mon, what is really going on?  I mean, how else can it be explained that while visiting in London, he’d let his wife exit their vehicle not at the curb but into busy London traffic, where she almost became a hood ornament?

 According to The Sun online, after making a brief detour to Harrod’s Department Store en route to dinner, Beyonce opened her car door and prepared to exit, just as a passing taxi ripped the door off its hinges, narrowly missing the singer.  Both she and Jay-Z were visible shaken according to witnesses at the scene, and had to await a replacement car to take them to their ultimate destination (evidentially, the decision to shop was out at that point).

 Okay, I’m not really blaming Jay for this one.  Who’s to say that he didn’t suggest that she exit at the curb?  Besides, even if he had, Bey is clearly of the “Independent” variety and has been for a long time, so it is likely that she wasn’t waiting on a husband, driver or bodyguard to do something for her that she could clearly do for herself.

 I’m just glad that as harrowing an ordeal that I image this was, Mr. and Mrs. Carter walked away unscathed.  As invincible as we all think we are at times, this situation could have ended horribly, and should remind us not only that each day is a gift, but also of the fragility of life and the care that needs to be taken in guarding it appropriately.

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