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Strange Bedfellows Part Duex….Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton????

30 Sep


I am SO glad that The Good Reverend has come out to debunk this story, because 1)  I would’ve hated to have been considering him for yet another Buffoonery Conviction in less than 48 hours, and 2) the world is just not ready to accept his newfound playboy status (with Ms. Raye) after having lost so much weight over the past few years!!!


I’d heard rumblings of this “interesting” paring when the two were spotted at Rolin Martin’s Congressional Black Caucus Party last week, but I really didn’t give a whole lot of credence to the story.  Well, this morning during his commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Rev. Al (in his good-natured and charismatic way) simply dismissed the rumors and shared that he and Lisa Raye were only friends.  He went on to say that IF they were an item, what would be so wrong with that, although he refuses to let his Sex Symbol status overshadow his life’s work (I’m paraphrasing, but yes, he most certainly used the term Sex Symbol *LOL*).

I wonder if Reverend Sharpton has a publicist?  If so, he/she earned their paycheck this week!!


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Strange Bedfellows…WWE and Al Sharpton

30 Sep
Rev. Sharpton Hosting Monday Night's WWE RAW in Albany, NY

Rev. Sharpton Hosting Monday Night's WWE RAW in Albany, NY

While I love football, I LOATHE The Dallas Cowboys…which is why I was channel surfing last night when I normally would have been content watching Monday Night Football.  What I stumbled upon during my journey through the airwaves however, was almost as disturbing as the Cowboys win over the Carolina Panthers.  With salt-and-pepper-permed-hair at ease and mic in hand, Rev. Al Sharpton made his hosting debut on WWE RAW. Yes, the Wrestling Show. 

I initially was going to give The Rev a “Total Buffoonery” verdict, but after watching for a few moments, I learned that he wanted to use the RAW stage to further push his platform for education reform, which also correlates with WWE’s own Get R.E.A.L. (Respect Education Achievement Leadership) campaign for youth literacy.

That coupled with the fact that Rev. Sharpton played to a pretty hostile crowd (the Albany, NY audience boo’d him continually throughout the night…I think they thought he was supposed to have donned tights and wrestled The Big Show), he gets a pass from me…this time.

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Valuable Values?

29 Sep

Well, hello all.  I am certainly feeling better than I was last week!  Having never actually suffered through the flu until recently, I can say with all sincerity that I wouldn’t wish that nasty virus on my worst enemy.  I’m lying; there was a time in the not so distant past that I would most certainly have wished that resistant strain on an enemy or two, but I am pleased to say that I have actually matured and grown-up since then.

Now, I wish for all of our sakes that “leaders” in Washington would do some growing up of their own!  While I was in recovery mode, I was able to do a lot of news and channel surfing, and I saw that the big conservative push in Washington last week centered around an event called, “The Value Voters Summit”.  The premise behind this clearly partisan weekend-long convention was to basically rally the Religious Right and to ensure that they remained emphatic in their efforts to support the Republican agenda.   The gathering was also integral in providing a platform for GOP legislators and office holders to pontificate in such a way that conservative voters were assured that these leaders continue to meet the ideological standard that make them the self proclaimed party of all things right (no pun intended) and wholesome.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find me knocking anyone’s choice to gather in an effort to enrich the lives of others, but I have to say, the literature I read and the reports I saw on the Voters Summit this year really had me raising my eyebrows.  While many of the breakout sessions, based on title and description alone could have been a part of ANY progressive conference, some of the session summaries where downright shocking… 



OBAMACARE: RATIONING YOUR LIFE AWAY: Long lines, refusal of care, months waiting for needed surgeries, rationing of treatments, mandates in support of abortion. These are all results of the health care plan currently being debated and placed in the United States, affecting all aspects of your life from your family decisions, to your paycheck to your tax bill. Is it the role of the federal government to provide womb to tomb healthcare? What about personal choice?


GLOBAL WARMING HYSTERIA: THE NEW FACE OF THE “PRO-DEATH” AGENDA: Learn why policies to fight alleged man-made global warming will instead cause hundreds of millions of premature deaths throughout this century, and how human liberty, responsibility, and flourishing are the key to a healthier environment.


THE NEW MASCULINITY: Feminism has wreaked havoc on marriage, women, children and men. It is time to redress the disorder it has wrought and that must start with getting the principles and ideals for a new “masculinism” right.


THUGOCRACY – FIGHTING THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY: “Hate crime” legislation, removal of conscience protections for health care workers, the Fairness Doctrine, groups like ACORN intimidating voters and committing voter fraud, “Card Check” legislation to create a permanent majority – President Obama and the Democratic Party is doing all it can to suppress free speech that they disagree with and that threatens their plans for a “permanent majority” in power…how real is this threat and how can we fight it?


Wow!  Reading all of that, you’d think that Democrats as a whole were faithless and immoral, conniving and hell-bent on ruining the quality of life for all Americans.  What I continue to find most shocking is that the Republican Party and Voters Summit sponsors honestly do seem to believe that they have the monopoly on “Values”.  Ironic, especially when invited speakers on the roster included Rep. Eric Cantor – VA (who during President Obama’s address to the Nation on Healthcare, was too engrossed with his Blackberry to offer the President any semblance of attention) and Rep. Roy Blunt – MO  (who while speaking at the Summit, told an off-color “monkey” joke).

Hmm, I wonder what values were really supposed to have been highlighted that weekend?  And Disrespect 101 wasn’t on the agenda?  Surely either of these Congressmen could have been the keynote speaker for such a session, no?

What about values like caring, community, empathy, justice and tolerance?  Shouldn’t they have been values addressed at The Value Voters Summit, because they are values that matter to all people, not just those who only identify with the Left or the Right?  Until there are meetings aimed at addressing the concerns of  THE PEOPLE as opposed to THE AGENDAS, how can we ever expect America to work for us?

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H1N1 be darned!

19 Sep


technical difficulties

The PACKer has been knocked totally on her fanny for the past three days with a nasty little flu-bug.  Because the symptoms have yet to subside, it has been suggested that I forgo the Robitussin and head on in to see my primary care physican.  While no one has been so bold as to suggest that H1N1 is the culprit (because it isn’t), my honey has basically placed me in quarantine mode (how utterly lonely to have him blow a kiss to me from across the room as he leaves for work).

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on my progress. Right now, I do believe I need a nap!


I’m Packing Up,


Skin Too Deep?

16 Sep

Isn’t it ironic when you read something and then when you least expect it, a situation presents itself that references that thing that you just read?  Such was the case this morning.  After having recently read two books that were recommended to me by a friend (The Color of Trouble by Dyanne Davis  and Meeting of the Waters by Kim McLarin, which incidentally, was a re-read for me),  I came across a conversation that brought the issues in these books to life.


After stumbling across a local radio show this morning, I found myself shaking my head at the frankness of a caller who basically needed confirmation from the DJ’s to determine that he should end his three week relationship with his girlfriend.  He began by discussing what a great girl she was and added rather candidly that she was black. Then, he REALLY let loose.  After basically assessing parts of her anatomy in comparison to a nursing goat, he went on to describe her intricate and expensive hairstyle that inhibited any prolonged intimacy between the two of them because she refused to lay on it….


Ahh yes, the “white guy that dates the black chick and tells all his buddies of his escapades with his paramour once the novelty wears off.”  Everybody knows at least one guy like this.  You know, the guy that seems well adjusted but bordering right on freaky, who is handsome enough for most ladies to find attractive if they squint just right, and whose parents believe that even pushing 30, he is simply going through a phase that he will eventually outgrow.


I swear, I found SO much wrong with this caller’s position on what it was he should do about his relationship; namely the fact that he didn’t have a position.  It was almost as though he was desperately looking for someone to give him an out, and it seems that he found one when he conveyed his “issues” on-air.  After the DJs stopped laughing and making “baaah-ing” sounds , they spent a good five minutes trying to determine what type of hairstyle his girlfriend wore which would cause such bedroom restrictions (it actually WAS a little humorous to hear a group of non-minorities try to distinguish braids from extensions but identifying them as twisty things and synthetics instead; although the overall conversation was laced with total buffoonery).  After the ill-informed lesson in Black Hair, the caller was no closer to a determination, although the DJs seemed to think that by calling in the first place, he was probably contending with characterstics that, to his way of thinking were “deal breakers”. 


I’m guessing that perhaps this guy found himself in a relationship where dating outside his race initially was not a big deal, but soon found that he and his girlfriend didn’t have enough in common.  Or maybe they had tons in common, but he simply couldn’t get past her outward appearance.  Don’t get me wrong, interracial dating isn’t for everyone, and CERTAINLY not for the faint of heart…and that’s okay.  With the territory can come the stares, snide comments and the awkwardness of not knowing exactly how to say something without sounding prejudiced.  But that isn’t all interracial dating is about.  Usually, those who find themselves in a relationship such as this will discover that the diffrentiation in skin color enhances the uniqueness of their partner.  For others, skin color doesn’t even register, and it is the individual’s personality that they fall for.  Still, there are those who find the contrast in hues all the more appealing.


I just found it unfortunate that the caller couldn’t identify within himself the issues that were making him consider breaking up with his girlfriend.  He instead embarrassed her on live radio, and let a group of strangers make comments and assumptions about her and why the two of them probably were not good for each other.  To me, it seemed that he owed it to himself and his girl to be honest about his feelings, even if those feelings ended up being hurtful.  I mean, how much more hurtful could he be than to basically call her an extravagant-hairdo-wearing-farm-animal for all to hear?

I will be so glad when the day comes that people can just be people…

“I’m a host of imperfection, and you see past all of that…” – lyric from Flaws and All


I’m Packing Up,


Total Buffoonery….and Tyler Perry

14 Sep

It seems we have an early list of candidates for Dork of the Week, and Monday morning hasn’t even crested over the horizon.  I cannot even give these two fool’s the satisfaction of discussing them further, however I will mention their names so that association of Buffoonery Status can be easily made….Serena Williams (shocked and disappointed) and Kanye West (would you just get lost already!?).




In other black-people-who-actaully-DO-have-common-sense news, Congrats to Tyler Perry and the cast of “I Can Do Bad All By Myself for topping the box office this weekend with $24 Million in ticket sales.  Not to shabby for  a film that had limited showings around the country!  “Bad” makes Perry’s second #1 film this year.  Madea Goes to Jail came in around $41 Million when it debuted in February.  There is just something about a 6’4″ cussing G’ma in a mumu that makes for good times at the movies, I suppose!


Lastly, I’d like to extend an Honorable Mention to Beyonce for her most gracious and classy acknowledgement of Taylor Swift, in the face of “the one who must not be named’s” belligerent attempt to garner attention for himself.  Who knew the broad could make me tear up.  I’ve looked at you sideways in the past Bey, but you are a pretty stand-up chick!


I’m Packing Up,


Last Week’s Recap

14 Sep

Where to begin? So, So, So much buffoonery to speak of for the 36th week of 2009 that I hardly know where to start.  Let’s simply recap shall we?


Technical Difficulty

JoeWilsonAfter the Outburst Heard ‘Round The World on Wednesday night, Congressman Joe Wilson found himself not only on the receiving end of a political beatdown, but he also learned that the court of public opinion had tried and convicted him by Thursday morning.  Bombarded with hits and emails, the website for the Congressman posted a message that the site was down temporarily due to exceptionally high traffic.  While most people were appalled at the actions and gall of Wilson (and surprised at his brazenness without the camouflage of his white sheet), President Obama was quoted as saying “I’m a big believer that we all make mistakes. Wilson apologized quickly and without equivocation. I am appreciative of that.”  It just goes to show that even in the face of such blatant disrespect, a true leader will continue to be gracious and dignified.  Let’s see if this is a lesson that Congressman Wilson will have learned come Final Exam time in 2010, when he is up for re-election.


He Says, She Says

CSemenyaUpon reading the latest news regarding South African runner Caster Semenya, I have to say that I was totally unexpected for the sympathy I felt for this young woman.  I say this because I honestly thought that this entire quest to expose her to the world as some “gender-bending-she-man” was a bogus attempt to embarrass her publicly because she’s been such a dominant 800 meter champion.  I felt as though there were individuals who were jealous of her success and because they could not beat her physically, they would instead try to humiliate her.  I figured that once she took whatever tests the IAAF deemed necessary to prove that she wasn’t doping, she could tell her haters to kick rocks, preferably in Afrikaans (I imagine that would sound pretty cool).

Unfortunately, according to published reports it seems as though Semenya’s genetic test results confirm that she has not only female, but male organs that are producing large amounts of testosterone in her body.  While the IAAF will not verify these reports, speculations as to whether Semenya will be stripped of her championship medals are producing even more media fodder.  IAAF representatives have said that if she proves to have had an advantage because of the male hormones, then it will be extremely difficult to strip her of her medal since her tests results concluded that she hadn’t violated any anti-doping rules.

Even so, the exposure and ultimately the damage has already been done.  Finding out life altering news like this in and of itself could be quite possibly more than one could bear.  To have results like this aired for all the world to see is not only mortifying, but is extremely insensitive.  My heart totally aches for Miss Semenya.


Remember the 11th of September

9_11Eight years later, the thought of the terrorist attacks in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania still give me goose-flesh.  I can clearly remember sitting in my living room after deciding not to go to my 8 o’clock Database Mgmt. class, only to be riveted to my television and then totally coming unglued 46 minutes later after learning that the first tower had been struck.  The thought of losing nearly 3,000 American lives to this tragedy reminds me of the loathing that “the enemy” has for the United States.  It also tells me that as a whole, we need to do a better job of uniting this nation instead of practicing ways in which to be malicious and decisive, otherwise “the enemy” has already won.


I’m Packing Up,


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