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A Little Levity (and Blueberries) Makes The World Go ‘Round!

4 May

So, it has become increasingly clear to me that with the societal heaviness as a result of the Southeast tornadoes, the Midwest flooding and the current political climate, what the world (or at least The Pack Faithful) could use now is a touch of hilarity to rouse our dormant laughter.  Unfortunately, all I could come up with was this video.

While rounding my children up for bed the other night, I caught them all huddled around the family computer, laughing uncontrollably.  When I got close enough to the monitor to see what exactly it was they were laughing at, I was more than a little confused.  What looked like a little girl’s cooking show video demo had my kids doubled over in fits of giggles.  When I asked them what was so funny, they all insisted that for me to simply keep watching.  By this time, my honey had walked up and he too was baffled by the display.  That was, until the 1:09 mark of the video.  I promise you, a roar went up so loud (from everyone from The Babychild to my “mature” husband), you would have thought they were in the audience of a Def Comedy Jam Special or something.

Let me just say that I am more than a little disappointed in what my family finds “funny” these days, and am especially upset with the unsympathetic parental unit/adult who would upload such a video on the internet.  I don’t even think I can look at blueberries or fruit salad the same anymore.


Sometimes There Is Just No Accounting for Taste

11 Apr


I stumbled upon this gem while surfing the World Wide Web last night and I’ve gotta say, some people’s idea of humor can easily be equated to the contents of a septic tank.  I mean, forgive me for being a Debbie Downer and all, but I fail to see the humor in lampooning the bottled water penchant of the “haves” by merchandizing a faux infusion of disease-riddled swill for the sake of a laugh; the same swill that in real life, kills hundreds of thousands of the “have nots” every year.

And while admittedly ingenious and complex as I imagine this whole charade was to execute, if we as global citizens would be just as equally creative and resourceful in our efforts to combat these preventable diseases through clean water initiatives, it would certainly be a small step toward making this world a better place…and be far more worthy of a web page than this buffoonery.


Reason #57 Why We Can’t Get Anywhere As a People!

6 Dec

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There is so much wrong with this video (like for starters, why Ramon is testing out the shocks on a Strawberry Shortcake tiny-tot bicycle…and indoors at that), but I think that the most egregious offense witnessed here has to be the premeditated and perverse pleasure Ramon seems to have in causing his brother Eric bodily harm.

And although I did laugh a little, this is still a clear example of “bringing one’s brother down” as opposed to lifting him up, if I ever saw one.


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