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Halloween: Not Vatican Approved

31 Oct

HalloweenThe Roman Catholic Church has stated its position (in no uncertain terms) on Halloween and parental responsibilities this weekend.  The Vatican has called Halloween a pagan celebration of terror, fear and death, and has encouraged parents to not embrace the day by letting their children dress up as ghosts and goblins.


It is pretty evident that the Vatican has recently become more concerned with the expansion of this “holiday” from its traditional roots in America to the nations in Europe with large catholic populations (like Italy, and the United Kingdom), as the statements likening Halloween to an occult celebration and having an anti-Christian undertone have easily been tossed around to followers in these areas.


Growing up myself with a Baptist (and now a non-denomination) Church background, I spent many a 31st of October as a child in study hall during classroom Halloween Parties (with about four other kids, and the lone openly Christian teacher) and had never dressed up or gone trick or treating, since my mother assiduously stressed to my sister and me the wiles of Halloween and the importance of guarding ourselves against the influences of “evil”. 


So with my religious background and knowledge on the history of All Hallows Eve, I can understand the stance of the Vatican as of late.  I will say however, that the Roman Catholic Church should take care to clarify its position, seeing as how it wasn’t too long ago that Father Gabriele Amorth (a Vatican appointed exorcist in Rome) was quoted as saying, If English and American children like to dress up as witches and devils on one night of the year that is not a problem. If it is just a game, there is no harm in that.”  For many people, both Christian or otherwise, it is mixed messages like these from The Institution that can foster skepticism and wariness of the church.


Another factor for the Vatican to consider is that just like almost all other calendar holidays, the celebratory festivities often times overshadow the true purpose and nature of the holiday in question.  While the church may be concerned about this American tradition’s influence on its European religious body, perhaps the realization that Halloween has become a lucrative (multi-billion dollar) holiday more clearly explains this capitalist nation’s fascination with creepy, crawly, spooky Halloween.


For me though, it’s pretty simple.  As an adult, I just feel as though I have enough drama in my life without inviting any additional commotion one day out of the year (no matter how real or imagined).  That being said, the deeply discounted candy prices on November 1st are a total success in my eyes; thank you very much Halloween!


I’m Packing Up,


The Governator’s Bomb Dropping Veto

29 Oct

GovernatorIn a memo to the Members of the California Assembly this week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presented a rather “original” way to voice his concerns over legislation and ultimately his objection for Assembly Bill 1176.  In the veto message (which is rumored to have been directed specifically at Democrat Assemblyman Tom Ammiano), the first letters in each line of the note spell out a rather colorful and profane two-word directive.  While Schwarzenegger’s office has dismissed the occurrence as an “interesting coincidence”, Ammiano’s spokesman Quintin Mecke has given the governor mock kudos for his creative use of coincidence.


The debate over intent versus happenstance has even drawn statisticians to weigh in on the interestingly penned memo.  Statistics professor Debbie Van Sickle of Sacramento State did some calculations on the governor’s word search and determined that there was a one in 200 billion chance at inadvertently creating that particular string of characters.  So either the Muscles from Brussels should take his luck in the face of those kinds of odds and play the lottery, applying his winnings toward correcting California’s deficit OR he spent the past few weeks with synapses in his brain firing overtime in an effort to artfully draft this communiqué.


Personally, I don’t think the word placement was intentional.  Had someone said that Maria Shriver wrote the veto letter though, that would be something else entirely, as I’m not sure that Arnie’s cerebral capacity could extend to such imaginative measures.  But for all intents and purposes, let’s hope that the odds were simply in Arnold’s favor.  While we can give Ammiano the nickname “Joe Wilson” (he’s made headlines as of late for heckling The Arnold and shouting “you lie” during one of his speeches), using this particular medium to communicate his personal and political position to an adversary (justified or not) exhibits a lack of class and diminishes the esteem to which the office of Governor should be held.

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Anderson’s Impartiality Goes Out The Window When Discussing The Heenes

28 Oct

Had this been anyone other than the iconic Anderson Cooper (iconic for making snow-white hair and ice blue eyes an alluring attribute to have while working for CNN) and had the Heenes not been a raging hot mess, I believe I would have been more than a little appalled at Cooper’s reaction.


Although this occurred over a week ago, the more information that is revealed about the Heenes, I must admit, the sorrier I feel for the children.  These parents have chosen to be media and social pariahs, but these three little boys certainly did not choose to be apart of this three-ringed circus.  Even still, at times it seems as though the media completely overlooks the kids (whom we ALL should be concerned about) to get to the meat of the craziness that is Heene. 


Case in point, this interview on The Today Show where in the midst of Falcon “Balloon Boy” Heene’s dry and not so dry heaves, both Meredith Vieira and dad Richard weren’t overly moved and continued on with their EXCLUSIVE, You-Heard-It-Here-First conversation.  The bowl was a nice touch though (ugh).


But back to Anderson; even though I would venture to say that the whole world would classify these folks are Grade A Buffoons, that does not negate the fact that Cooper should have still presented this story with an impartial tone, versus his seemingly editorial one.  In the spirit of equity, this is the same behavior we oftentimes accuse Faux News of perpetuating, so when we see it elsewhere we ought to acknowledge it and hope that anchors like Cooper who pride themselves in being truly fair and balanced adjust accordingly.


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Total Success: Adrian Peterson Presents…“Results of The Weight Room” Volume One

27 Oct


There is really not a whole lot to say about this video except to wonder if Mr. Peterson is in fact, other worldy.  I saw this live on Sunday and still wonder if my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.


My heart goes out to William Gay and his self-esteem.


I’m Packing Up,


Total Buffoonery: Northwest Airlines Flight Error Revealed

26 Oct

ErrorFlightOkay folks seriously, my head is spinning at the overabundance of foolishness which has forced my hand in documenting more than my quota of 3 utterly buffoonish stories per month! 

For those familiar with the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis landing destination by some 150 miles, they have finally revealed to investigators and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that their laptop computer use while flying caused the lapse.  The violation of company policy at the hands of the flight’s captain and first officer occurred when the two were reviewing flight crew schedules.  Both maintain that they’d simply lost track of the time but were eventually alerted by a flight attendant, and not that they’d had their “heads in the clouds” and had fallen asleep.

It all sounds pretty suspect to me considering that air traffic controllers tried to reach them at least thirteen times over the course of an hour with no success.  C’mon pilots, surely staff schedules were not SO engrossing that the safety of your passengers, your crew and even your fool selves became a secondary concern.  At this juncture you risk losing your pilots licenses anyway, so you may as well go on and admit to catching 40 winks.

I can only imagine how unnerving the whole ordeal must have been, not only for the passengers and crew (after the fact undoubtedly, as I am pretty sure that they were unaware of any quandary prior to landing), but the FTA, the airline and the National Guard as well.  Authorities were so distressed that the White House Situation Room alerted White House officials and National Guard jets were on standby should they have been needed to intercept the wayward aircraft.

The entire predicament just boggles my mind.  In light of the air disasters over the past decade, why any pilot would behave in such a perilous and careless manner is truly frightening.  These two clowns need to be permanently grounded!

I’m Packing Up,


Total Buffoonery: Limbaugh Loud & Wrong…Oh, And He Reads Minds Too!

25 Oct

LoudWrongRushI’m not sure exactly who would be surprised by this, but due to the total inaccurate nature of the situation, it is easy to see the newsworthiness of it all.


For those who don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh’s iniquitous oratorical sessions on his daily radio show (and rest assured, it’s nothing to be apologetic for), he recently pounced on the opportunity to bash Barack Obama…basically for being President Barack Obama.  According to Limbaugh, he’d gotten a hold of Obama’s college thesis entitled “Aristocracy Reborn,” were the Columbia pupil divulges his position regarding the alleged founding fathers and his derision for the Constitution.


Ah-ha!  An opportunity to expose Obama for the Un-American, Socialist that he really is, right Rush?  I am sure that old Raucous Rush was salivating (literally) at the chance.  And expose he did, reading from the thesis and providing his own colorful commentary as he went, right on live radio.


Unfortunately for the conserva-mouth however, the supposed thesis was fake; an attempt at satire from the recesses of a random blogger’s imagination (undoubtedly to reveal exactly how gullible many an unwilling-to-do-the-required-research-for-themselves-Americans can really be).  But do you think Limbaugh conceded the fact that he was wrong and consequently offered an apology to the President?  Contrition Immunity, I suppose.  Besides, he KNOWS what Obama really thinks anyway, being a conservative political oracle and all.


What does his explanation sound like to you?  Clearly Rush and friends are above vetting, huh?


I’m Packing Up,


Total Buffoonery: Goldy’s Going To Hell!

22 Oct

Now that I have your attention, know that I am totally kidding, as playing God has never been my style and I do not pretend to have the power to condemn anyone to Hades,  (boy, sometimes though…)


While this was not an overt attack against anyone’s faith, the act did point out how sometimes we as human beings easily discard and disregard the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others for our own indulgence and entertainment.  But seriously, how lame was that mascot/cheerleader duo?


Mascot:  I’ll show those Nittany Lions. I’m gonna out-pray him!

Cheerleader:  Yeah!  Take that Holy Ghost!

*High five*


But I digress, where was I?  Ah yes;  I honestly do not believe that “Goldy’s” intent was to embarrass Penn State Defensive End Jerome Hayes, as much as it was to rally the Minnesota crowd.  After watching and re-watching the clip however, (as it didn’t dawn on me that Jerome was being “mocked” until I saw Goldie feign a tear streak down his faux furred cheek, and of course until that ever vigilant Penn State fan with great End Zone seats commented about it) I do believe the act was an insensitive one and The University of Minnesota took the appropriate actions in apologizing for the display.


Moreover, I was pleased at Hayes’ response…a non-response.  His ignoring of the subtle taunt spoke louder than an irate retort would have.  And what Goldy SHOULD have been doing while he was spending those 15 seconds on his knees was praying for a win because that 20 – 0 shellacking that Penn State administered to Minnesota was downright sinful!


I’m Packing Up



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