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What I’m Wearing: A Denim Kinda Day

10 Sep

Although my day went from 0 to 60 before I could properly get out of the bed and was seemingly unending, today was of course Friday (aka Weekend Eve), and my sole reason for once again delving into the walk-in for some casual-comfort work attire. 

But with the weather starting to cool down and the summer atmosphere slowly beginning to wane, it really won’t be long before I will be forced back into my more professional digs.  Still, so long as the humidity is reasonable and the sunflowers in my front yard don’t shed their golden petals, you can be sure that I will be pairing my “bermudas” with as many functional pieces and accessories as I can find.

The general vision behind today’s outfit completely encompassed that philosophy.  Clearly a repeat fan of the chocolate shorts, this time I chose to piece these fashionable bottoms with a lightweight denim/cotton blend snap-closure blouse with a woven leather belt.  By enhancing the ensemble with BCBG leather and suede accented peep-toed pumps, bamboo and crystal bracelets, a pair of bamboo earrings and a leather handbag, today I found myself stylish and tasteful enough to work a 10-hour day, yet casual and comfortable enough run errands and tote The Pack kids to their practices.  Ah yes, and with a new season-changing hair cut to polish off the look, today’s combination would have to register highly on the total success meter, if I do say so myself.


What I’m Wearing: Oh, Stewardess!

20 Aug

“Oooh. Now all you need is a basket and you’ll be quite possibly the hottest chocolate Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen.”

In spite of my honey’s foolishness as we both stood at the vanity getting ready for work this morning, I absolutely love this outfit.  While he was thinking about painted eggs and Cadbury Bunnies however, I was thinking that I embodied the fabulousness of a rather trendy and fabulous Bermudian Flight Attendant.

The truth is that I have my girl K.LA who used to be a colleague of mine and is now my cyber stylist (whether she knows it or not) to thank for this modish combination of pieces, cuts, textures and colors.  Not only is she FANTASTIC at making even a paper bag appear fashionable, but she reminds me every day when I go into my closet, of the importance in using the pieces that I already own to mix and match great signature outfits.

Embracing this vital rule, Bermuda shorts in brown (my summer staple, for those new to this installment of “What I’m Wearing”), the classic white blouse (this time with puffy raised cotton embellishments throughout), a pink and brown silk scarf worn as a gauzy bowtie and some fuchsia sling-back pumps pull this look together flawlessly.

And never one unafraid to take the road runway less traveled, the addition of some BIG BLING makes for a fun and BOLD contrasting statement to this polished look.

What I’m Wearing: Cat Woman 4.0

8 Aug

Move over Eartha, climb a tree Michelle, chase a ball of yarn Halle; there’s a new Cat Woman in town.

XOXO Leo Printed Belt

You all already know my affinity for casual office attire during the summer months and ways in which I seek to accentuate an otherwise basic ensemble.  That was the goal I was aiming for this past Casual Friday.  A longtime fan of the classic black and white combination, I decided to adorn this simple pairing with a little leopard.

O Joey Leopard Accented Peep-Toe Pumps

Keeping in mind the “less is more” fashion mantra, to this staple white blouse and black Bermuda shorts outfit I added a leopard printed belt and black peep-toe stilettos with just a hint of feline at the ankle.  The optional black cardigan (to combat the Antarctic-like temperatures in the office) pulled the entire look together and gave off the appearance of a sassy yet sophisticated business woman.

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