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Bang! Bang! -The First Fringe

19 Feb

FLOTUSFringeIn a Skype interview for the Rachael Ray Show scheduled to air this Wednesday, Michelle Obama jokingly revealed that her show-stopping fringe banged haircut that was all the rage before, during and after President Obama’s Inauguration for his second term in office, was inspired by a midlife crisis last month at the onset of her 49th birthday…

…Okay, timeout, FLOTUS is 49?????  Clearly she needs to bottle and sell those Robinson genes ASAP!

Mrs. Obama also went on to say that she settled for the bangs because she wouldn’t be allowed to bungee jump or purchase a sports car (side-eyes my balding neighbor with the convertible who shops at Ed Hardy Online).

But seriously, if this is what I have to look forward to in the way of a midlife crisis, then bring on my 49th birthday Jesus!


Happy Turkey Day!

24 Nov

I hope that whether you decided to observe “Native American Holocaust Day of Remembrance” or “National Day of 5,000 Plus Calorie Consumption”, that each of you has had a pleasant and inspiring Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends and fun.

Now while my hectic day today has been all of the above, I am still so entrenched in my trytophan induced coma that I am hardly any good to anybody.  As such, I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit one of the most awesome Turkey Day trends of the 21st Century: The Gobble.

Let us burn these holiday calories together Pack Faithful…or at least let us live vicariously through Jungle Boogie as they burn them for us again this year!

What I’m Wearing: A Little (Brooch) Goes a Long Way

9 Nov

Because I was going to be in my second full day of software conversion training today at work, I really had to contemplate how best to combine work attire that was not only appropriate for the office but also super comfortable for the duration of my all day session .  Coupling a colorful blazer with a navy Liz Claiborne braided collar top, I opted for a severely dark pair of denims and bright pumps to pull the outfit together.  The finishing touch however, was a heavily accented brooch that brought a bit of fun, pop and sparkle to an otherwise drab ensemble.

For the last few years, brooches have made a pretty massive surge back onto the fashion scene.  No longer are they merely reserved as the primary accent for your Gran’s lacy high-necked blouses, but can now be worn by even the most fashion conscious diva in an array of styles and with an assortment of clothes combinations.

Whether exquisitely set in crystal or simply crafted as a piece of costume jewelry, a vibrant brooch can take your most modest apparel to absolutely snazzy attire, with a single *clip*.

This sea foam pearl and sequin-petal brooch was purchased at Forever 21 for less than $10.

Sassy and budget friendly; sounds like a fashion win to me!

Breast Cancer Awareness and Musiq: YES!

23 Oct

If I weren’t a happily married woman, or didn’t have enough conducive things going on in my life to afford me the time to be an R&B stalker, I would totally drive up to Philly and kiss Musiq right on the mouth for this here gem!

You all know how I feel about Breast Cancer Awareness (sadly, I just found out that a dear friend/mentor was diagnosed just this week), so learning that Musiq Soulchild had recently included the role of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Circle of Promise Ambassador to his successful résumé; I was over the moon.  With the sort of exposure that Musiq can offer to the foundation and toward combatting this deadly disease, it is likely that even more young women of color will become engaged in the Breast Cancer Awareness dialog and movement.

Check out his newest video “Yes”, directed by Juwan Lee, and see if you don’t shed at least one tear.  The video also cameos a wealth of beautiful breast cancer survivors from the Atlanta area; just fabulous.

Dōmo Arigatō, 21st Century Mr. Roboto

12 Oct

I can always count on my nephew to expose me to something bizarre, outlandish or cool (by teenage standards anyway) via this vast universe we call the internet.

Sliding around my kitchen in slow motion (and completely ruining a previously pristine pair of white socks) and pop-locking like Oz’s rickety Tin Man, I ceased my evening task of cooking to actual watch his display of robotic choreography.  When it became altogether apparent that the Jabberwocky’s Dance Reign would not be threatened on this night, I finally asked my nephew what exactly was he doing and why.

Of course he guided my attention to YouTube where a modern day Mr. Roboto (aka Marquese Scott) was body rocking for his life, and blowing my mind.  After watching the video for all of a minute and 30 seconds though, I had to put on my skeptic’s hat and try to determine how this dexterous dancer was contorting his limbs like MJ after slipping on a puddle of WD40!!

All Pink Everything: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

5 Oct

Every October, The Fanny Pack recognizes the strides, support and continued social involvement carried out in the research and fight against Breast Cancer, and this October is no different.

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breast cancer charities from all over the world campaign to increase the awareness of this devastating disease and work to raise funds for research into its cause, treatment and cure.  These charities focus on support for those who are currently battling breast cancer but also emphasize preventative steps that women can take to help reduce breast cancer risks and ensure long, healthy lives.

One major component in the fight against breast cancer is to adopt and maintain healthy habits.  Understanding the sorts of factors that can both positively and adversely affect your health is the first step toward prevention, and according to the staff at the Mayo Clinic, prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  Some easy but effective steps that you can take to prevent breast cancer include:

  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Managing a healthy weight
  • Engaging in plenty of physical activity
  • Avoiding environmental pollutants
  • Maintaining a healthy low-fat diet

Now, as wonderful as it would be for all women to be able to follow these simple guidelines and forever vanquish breast cancer, the reality is that for some women (5% – 10%), breast cancer is a hereditary disease.  Fortunately however, affected genes don’t have to be a death sentence.  Mammograms and early detection procedures are equally essential in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and should be regularly performed in women over 40.

Last year, 19% of the new breast cancer cases reported in the United States resulted in death.  Anyone who has ever suffered through this disease or lost someone close as a result of it knows that this statistic is more than unacceptable.  That is why I am challenging each of you to help take a stand against breast cancer.  Support the various breast cancer charities this month (and beyond); not simply through your pocketbook, but with your time as well.  Get educated about this disease and promote prevention.  Together, we can all create a world where breast cancer becomes a thing of the past.

Michelle’s Undercover Targe’ Run

30 Sep

Since becoming the First Family, The Obamas have often been criticized as being elitist and out of touch with the current struggle of the average American’s financial struggles while lavishing in their own routine Hawaiian and European junkets on the taxpayer’s dime.  But while I categorically disagree with the Marie Antoinette description of The President and First Lady, I will say that they are a brilliant and intellectual duo who enjoy the niceties of life; a reality that seems difficult to grasp for many with such a high national rate of unemployment and in a painfully stagnant U.S. economy, but theirs is a success that they ought not be ashamed of.

Still, none can accuse the Obamas of flaunting their wealth or relishing in sheer opulence if this picture of the week is any indicator.  Like many of us, Michelle Obama has admitted to appreciating the many aspects of her “normal”.  Whether it’s attending her girls’ sporting events, taking the First Pup Bo for his daily walk or simply getting her shop on at  Targe’, one certainly has to appreciate her desire to embrace the ordinary.

Donning a pair of shades and a Nike ball cap (which she still managed to successfully coordinate with her print blouse), Mrs. Obama tried to be incognito at a local Target Store in Alexandria V.A., a suburb just outside Washington, D.C.  Covertly situated, plain-clothed Secret Service Agents also arrived about a half-hour before The First Lady, who strolled through the main entrance with an assistant. She shopped for little less than an hour and was even seen pushing her own cart. She was apparently “outed” when while ringing up her purchases, a cashier recognized her.

That just goes to show, whether in a ball gown or a ball cap, Lady O is certainly one cool chameleon.

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