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Happy eh, Labor Day?

5 Sep

Although for many of us, the first Monday in September is typically observed by having a day off from work, partaking in the last official cookout of the summer and donning the last of the summer-white in our closets, the true celebration of this day was intended to be so much more.  Labor Day was designed back in the late 1800’s as a creation of the labor movement, dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American workforce.  The annual observance is a tribute to the contributions that workers in this country have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of The United States.

Still, the irony in celebrating Labor Day amidst American jobs being shipped to places like China and India by big corporations because of the lower cost to them (translation: cheaper labor), large and small businesses alike going out of business and a national unemployment rate of 9.1% (that’s close to 14 million people out of work, folks) is certainly not lost on me.  That is why, with the American economy in such a state of disarray and the bleak jobs report at the end of August, I am wholly optimistic and looking forward to what President Obama plans to outline to the country in the way of his Jobs Speech before a joint session of congress this Thursday. And this is despite the fact that his speech directly conflicts with the 2011 NFL season opener…all thanks to the POTUS being kinda weak (yes, I said it) and conciliatory by agreeing to reschedule his initial speech from Wednesday to Thursday after House Speaker John Boehner rejected his request for Wednesday, September 7; the same day that the Republican presidential debates in California are scheduled to take place…but I digress.

And although the national unemployment rate has gone down slightly since this time last year (9.6% to 9.1%), the American people are still very jaded and fed-up with the political hostilities and posturing from both sides of the aisle and want some tangible solutions to rectify the current state of this union so that next year, Labor Day will be a holiday worth celebrating.


Not Much Packin’ Going On Today

25 Jan

So…I did have a blog post planned for tonight, but about a quarter of the way through President Obama’s State of The Union Address, I became irreparably distracted by John Boehner’s impervious screw face.

Now I am left wondering if Mr. Speaker attended tonight’s speech in a state of severe constipation, or if he picked up where Joe Wilson’s State of The Union Obama-Hateration left off last year?

Anyway, I promise I will do better tomorrow kids!


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