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More Than a Slap On The Wrist

18 Feb


When I first heard this story last Friday and since having read up on the most recent developments, Digital Underground has been playing in my head.  Loudly.  On repeat!

Now, I do get it about being flustered at having to share space on a long flight, with a crying child within the confines of a constricting passenger aircraft.  I mean, I’m not proud of it, but I’ve prayed for God to mute a baby a time or too myself, but to go so far as to become so unhinged that spewing a racist tirade and striking a child was the best resulting idea for resolving the matter?  Utterly unacceptable.

To me however, the problem wasn’t so much with Joe Rickey Hundley having these views; as disgusting as they are.  The problem was him feeling justified in articulating his views in an incredibly public and violent matter, and against a defenseless minor no less.  Sure, he and his defense attorney have been siting his distraught sensibilities that day due to him traveling to visit an ailing relative, and his alcohol intake (used to quell those sensibilities) which adversely effected his otherwise “glowing persona”, but the truth remains, in this “post-racial” (loose air quotes used here) American in which we live, he called a 19-month old baby a n*gger and tried to slap the child into submission.  Again, utterly unacceptable.

The story however, does have a silver lining.  Whether yielding to the court of public opinion, or displaying zero-tolerance for offensive and donkey behavior or simply in an effort to distance themselves from a drunkard and troubled individual, Hundley’s bosses effectively pumped the brakes on his employment this past Sunday.  In a released statement, President and CEO of AGC Aerospace and Defense Al Hasse characterized Joe Rickey Hundley’s behavior as disturbing, contradictory to the company’s values and revealed that the unit executive was no longer an employee of the company:

“We have taken this matter very seriously and worked diligently to examine it since learning of the matter on Friday afternoon.  As of Sunday, the executive is no longer employed with the company.  [His behavior is] embarrassing and does not in any way reflect the patriotic character of the men and women of diverse backgrounds who work tirelessly in our business.”

Presently, Hundley has been charged with simple assault, which if convicted, could lead to a maximum term of one year in prison, so he certainly isn’t “off the hook.”  It truly speaks volumes however; that since he likes slapping so much, that he wasn’t just slapped criminally, but also in his wallet!

You’re Welcome.


Shame on The Casey Anthony Jury Pool…and Photo Shop!

5 Jul

If you know me, then you definitely know how I feel about today’s Casey Anthony verdict, but still…iCannot.com with this picture!

Didn’t take yall long, did it?


Drop it, That’s NOT Hot!

22 May

…Here we go again!

While the promotional tactic of correlating brand names with popular music is not a new one, it once again seems that some of the advertising execs and marketing geniuses of the world have decided that the quickest and most effective way to establish brand recognition is to associate their client’s product with admittedly popular, but suggestive lyrics from the Hip-Hop genre.

Within the past decade for instance, it was first Pepsi and Ludacris, then Fergie, The Black Eyed Peas’ front woman and Dr. Pepper.  Now, Sun Drop (yeah, I had to look up what that was too) has commissioned for their commercials with the help of one of Snoop Dogg’s biggest hits, the behind-popping and dropping services of a young woman who by all accounts looks as though she is perfecting her moves for her Spring Break trip to Cabo San Lucas next year.

But while the sheer idiocy of associating dropping it with a carbonated beverage in this commercial is sort of humorous to watch, the message that is being conveyed is, at least for me, a bit disconcerting.  It is certainly one thing to push the envelope in order to draw ones attention to an advertised product, albeit in a shocking and buffoonish way, but to then encourage consumers to send in videos of themselves booty-quaking it (though not seen above in the edited version) while drinking a refreshing can of Sun Drop Soda hardly seems a responsible marketing strategy to endorse.  And when my elementary school-aged kids are watching the Harry Potter Weekend Marathon on ABC Family when this idiotic commercial airs and I am left to explain how inappropriate making it clap as an entertainment mechanism is (especially in relation to soda, for Jeebus’ sake), Sun Drop…we have a problem!

Let’s just say that Sun Drop and their manufacturers, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group don’t ever have to concern themselves with my patronage.

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