I Might Don’t Make It!

7 Jun

Today, I had to basically have a Come-To-Jesus meeting with myself!

Although the past couple of years have taught me all about preparation and how to make the best of a bad situation, I also learned one tough lesson…that the “know it all” trait that I have is actually just me being really hard-headed. I mean, for as strategic (and obssessive; I can admit it) as I normally am in planning out my daily work and personal life, you’d think I’d learn to make special concessions and back-up plans when it comes to situations out of my control (like expecting others to do what they’re supposed to).

That should have been the case while I was away this past weekend at the beach, but no! Like an unreasonable person, I had to gall to totally decompress and have a great time with my family, only to return to ten urgent voicemails, a slew of follow-up emails and a firestorm of needs, wants, requests and edicts; all needing to be addressed and extinguished by the close of my ten hour business day!

And even now, as I lay here too depleted of energy and mental horsepower to even focus on Weinergate or the plethora of other idiotic news ripe for the picking, I had to remind myself (this is where the CTJ meeting came in) that I could either let the frustrations of the day ruin the remaining six hours of this Tuesday, or I could make the best of my remaining quarter-day and enjoy a night of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, The Road to El Dorado and Kung-Fu Panda with The Big Girl.

OR I could opt for plan C and camp out in front of the TV with The Big Girl and take a power nap while she and Sharpay sing four to six Disney equivalents of Off-Broadway musical numbers!

…I think we have a winner!


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