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Woman Down…and Up Again!

3 Jul

With a partial body shutdown and a hellacious work schedule, eventually something had to suffer.  Unfortunately it was my health and my blog.

Thankfully, I am feeling better, have rescheduled my neurology appointment, am actively managing my workload and my creative juices are flowing!

Yea Me!


Nope, Not Today

9 Feb

What a Day!

The activities of this day began with a workload that had me in the office until 6.30 followed by the surprise of two piles of clean (but unfolded) laundry adorning my bed when I got home.  That coupled with the big boy needing homework help, me threatening the big girl with bodily violence every quarter-hour because she keeps lying about her room being clean and a specially scheduled Come to Jesus Meeting with the honey, and you all already know what it is.

Yep, go on and converse amongst yourselves.

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