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Whew, That’s Better!

7 Feb

As is the case whenever I’m not feeling well, on technology hiatus or simply on some covert government mission designed to bring freedom and democracy to the masses on a global scale addressing “real life” as I live it, I truly miss The Pack and her Faithful whenever I’m not here.  And while it is common knowledge that I’ve been battling some pretty heinous migraines and random viruses as of late, it was an arbitrary case of food poisoning that kicked tail and took names in my upper and lower G.I. a couple of days ago.

With that though, a sincere thank you to all that wished me well by text, questioned my whereabouts on “the Twitter”, over-reactively sent out the search party or called just to ensure I was still alive (actually conversation).  But to those of you who contacted me and began the conversation with “I know you’re sick but…”, just know that I’ve already repented for calling down a pox on your credit score and a stubbed, blackened and in-grown nail on your pinky toe (with an $80 podiatrist/specialist co-pay on your health insurance and no appointment openings until April).

See, I’m feeling better already.


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