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Sign of the Apocalypse: Drake and Breezy Fight over Rihanna (GASP)

14 Jun

Did I say Apocalypse?  Obviously I mis-typed.  What the title of this post should have read was: Signs That I’ll Be Taking an Apocalyptic Style Nap Due to The Yawn-Worthy Gossip That Drake and Breezy engaged in fisticuffs.

Apparently said melee transpired after Drake allegedly minced no words (via a note…yep, real gangsta) about his status with Brown’s ex, Rihanna.  Now, I have no plans to sully this blog any further with a bunch of hearsay and blather so feel free to get the supposed details about this boy brawl here, here and here.

I will however close by asking if I’m the only one who saw this coming???  As far as striving for inspiration as an entertainer, I say mix creative juices with whomever you want, but c’mon.  Drake’s cameos in RiRi’s videos, their innuendo induced performances and then her recent Birthday Cake collabo with Chris all made for a very intricately volatile situation…A situation where it seems that people have caught feelings and/or never lost feelings; so much so that now folks are nicknaming Drake the Evelyn Lozada of Hip-Pop and Pretty Boy Brown is having glass cleaned out of an open wound.

I know, I know.  This is a tragic and upsetting time for all the #TeamDrake and #TeamBreezy shrieking tweens out there, but understand that this is not BREAKING NEWS as Russ Parr or TMZ have lead you to believe.  Somebody wake me up when news breaks  that one of these overexposed celebrities donates half their fortune to something newsworthy like the Clean Water Project or the End Auto-Tune Initiative.  Until then, *yawn*.


BRAWL: 2010 Ukrainian Edition

27 Apr

With the latest rash of “You Lie” and “Hell No” spewing forth from members of Congress and The House (side eye at Joe Wilson and John Boehner), I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve been holding my breath in anticipation for some sort of MMA or Smack Down match up there on Capitol Hill.  I mean, with all the venom flying from across the aisle, doesn’t it seem like it’s only a matter of time before our elected officials resort to fisticuffs?  

 Honestly, I hope not.  Especially now that I’ve seen what politicians behaving badly (while on the clock) really looks like.  In Kiev, Ukraine today, lawmakers in parliament clashed, threw punches (and eggs) and set off smoke bombs in response to a Kremlin favored vote which would allow Russia’s navy to continue occupying one of the country’s ports on the Black Sea.  You can read more about the political brouhaha HERE.

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