Hope You Weren’t THIS Guy on NYE!

2 Jan

While this bloke wasn’t actually ringing in the New Year bumbling down the streets of London, if we are being honest, some of you did bring in 2012 in an incredibly identical inebriated fashion.  And while it may seem all fun and games to start your year off popping bottles and sipping cris, the reality is that being a sloppy drunk and a slovenly lush is not only an un-sexy move, but it can lead to memory gaps, injuries, the bubble guts and that infamous morning-after migraine.

Besides, with Big Brother looming just about everywhere nowadays, would you really want your grandmother to clutch her pearls in embarrassment because one of her bridge club members saw your tipsy New Year’s Eve exploits recorded for all posterity on the 11 o’clock news?!

In truth, we have all been blessed to see yet another year, where many unfortunate souls simply have not.  That makes each New Year memorable and worth remembering, don’tcha think?


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