Praise Break: More “Noise” Than Joyful

14 Nov

When we were young, my sister and I used to always get our legs popped or the stank-eye from my mother when we found ourselves laughing at our fellow church goers when they were wildly slain in the spirit or singing hymns rather…uh, unfortunately.  After church, mommy would guilt us the whole way home over how disrespectful we were being when Sis. So-&-So was praising God and we were yucking it up, but my sissy and I would always wonder how she could be upset with us, when it was Sis. So-&-So who was attention seeking in church (because if I’m honest, we weren’t convinced then that the spirit was actually on her anyway).

As a church going adult however, I have learned that “praise” comes in all shapes, sizes, sounds and displays.  I’ve even learned that in order to keep the rocks from crying out on our behalf, it is good when we lift our voices to praise God, even when some of our voices don’t necessarily need to be lifted.

That is why I am so torn in watching these two videos.  I mean, it’s great that Keyshia Coles was in church and lifting her voice on Easter Sunday a few years ago, but I swear, she took Psalm 100 a bit too literally if you ask me!  In fairness, I realize that she has likely spent more time in a secular atmosphere than in one of “worship”, but as a singer, I still expected better (at least giving the pianist some sort of notice before her complete song remix and multiple key changes).

That is why I also attached the second video.  KeKe Wyatt demonstrated that you don’t necessarily have to be have your Easter finery on or even be in church to sing unto the Lord.  She also exemplified an extremely joyful noise…one that had me cyber shoutin’ all over this laptop keyboard!


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