Nuttin’ But Love for Ya Heavy

9 Nov

Isn’t it funny how there are so many music artists now a days with more criminal records than hit records, that we often times find it truly amazing (and if I’m being honest, a bit disconcerting) how the good ol’ days of Hip Hop went from rappers wearing polka dots, silk shirts, patent leather shoes and battle dancing to actually battling each other over trivial things like money, women and the ever elusive “respect”.

That is why, though decades removed from rocking the crowds and overweight loving the ladies, Dwight Myers aka Heavy D was always one of my favorite back in the day rappers.  A showman and innovator, Heavy D always seemed to have an easy demeanor, a smooth lyrical way and a smile on his face.  His bigger than life manner had more to do with his personality than his physique, and in embracing who he was, his fans loved him even more.

Learning Tuesday that Heavy had died and at an age not that much older than my own, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t moved.  While I had no personal connection to Heavy, seeing him looking happy, healthy and a little less heavy on shows like “Boston Public” and “Bones” and having had my West Indian sensibilities reintroduced to his craft with the release of his 2008 Reggae Fusion album, “Vibes”, I was truly reminded of what a classic entertainer and Hip Hop legend that Heavy truly was.

Reminisce with me back to 1994 when the Diddley-D  was loving the ladies…and the baggy vest/linen pant combo.

RIP Heavy D.


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