Holiday Tidings (and TEARS) Come Early at Walmart

7 Nov

Usually when discussing Walmart, more times than not I’m chatting it up about their “leaves something to be desired” customer service or the behaviors of some of their most buffoonish clientele, but (for last night at least) I was more than a little impressed with the “Save Money. Live Better” mega chain.

Grudgingly walking through the Super Center late Saturday night in an effort to pick up some pantyhose for church that I’d forgotten to purchase earlier in the day, I couldn’t believe how the store was already transformed only five days after Halloween into a Christmas Wonderland. With decorative wreaths, ornaments and 14-foot fir trees everywhere you looked, the store was in full holiday regalia. But for as beautiful as the décor was, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the Low Price Leader had bypassed Thanksgiving ornamentations (it didn’t dawn on me until I checked out that Christmas advertising brought in far more revenue for the company than Turkey Day did). Scoffing at Walmart’s premature greed, I went ahead and bought my competitively priced stockings and headed for home.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon after church when I sat down with The Honey to catch up on a day’s worth of football and what did I see but the season’s first Walmart Christmas commercial. Reminding me of my prior day’s revelation, I proceeded to tell The Honey about the in-store corporate gluttony I witnessed, but was sidetracked when the commercial took a sharp left turn that left me so bewildered that before I knew it I found myself in tears. Awestruck, salty, dripping tears.

Similar to a few years ago, Walmart took up the heartwarming banner of advertising for the holidays through the eyes of the country’s brave service men and women and their families. Although not the best quality, I dare you to check out the above video (as well as the one below from 2009) and not be completely moved by its sentimental and moving qualities.


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