Dōmo Arigatō, 21st Century Mr. Roboto

12 Oct

I can always count on my nephew to expose me to something bizarre, outlandish or cool (by teenage standards anyway) via this vast universe we call the internet.

Sliding around my kitchen in slow motion (and completely ruining a previously pristine pair of white socks) and pop-locking like Oz’s rickety Tin Man, I ceased my evening task of cooking to actual watch his display of robotic choreography.  When it became altogether apparent that the Jabberwocky’s Dance Reign would not be threatened on this night, I finally asked my nephew what exactly was he doing and why.

Of course he guided my attention to YouTube where a modern day Mr. Roboto (aka Marquese Scott) was body rocking for his life, and blowing my mind.  After watching the video for all of a minute and 30 seconds though, I had to put on my skeptic’s hat and try to determine how this dexterous dancer was contorting his limbs like MJ after slipping on a puddle of WD40!!


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