Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

6 Oct

Leader.  Tyrant.  Visionary.  Smart-aleck.  Driven.  Egomaniac.  Innovative.  Temperamental.

I am willing to bet that those who knew him, worked for him or sought to rival his success would all attest to having described Steve Jobs by one or all of these adjectives at one point or another during his reign as the trend-setting reformer of corporate culture, technology and personal computing at Apple.

In watching the news coverage shortly after Steve Jobs’ death and then listening to all of the statements from fellow businessmen, friends, admirers and even rivals about how Jobs had affected their lives, it made me realize that those personally familiar with the ambitious technology mogul didn’t have a monopoly on the effects of Jobs’ influence.  Those same defining adjectives that categorized Steve Jobs a successful leader, groundbreaking inventor, and perhaps even a flawed human at times, are all components that made him our generation’s version of Thomas Edison or Henry Ford.

On NPR this morning, I even listened to a mourner summarize how important Jobs’ legacy is globally:

In the world, there were only three important apples: Eve’s, Newton’s and Jobs’.

As a tribute to the founder and former Apple CEO who passed away after a seven year battle with pancreatic cancer, The Fanny Pack dedicates this blog post to Steven Paul Jobs and his fearless pursuit of the sort of radical thinking and ingenuity that has truly changed our world.

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