Hank, Hitler, The Three Stooges and Why Crack is Wack

5 Oct

I must admit, the one sucky part about having a blog site is, well…having a life.  Because I don’t blog for a living (oh, one sweet day), when I don’t hunker down and just commit an undisturbed hour just to posting, usually my job, family and/or wooo-saww time will take precedence over my writing.  What is even suckier about this is that 9 times of out 10, when I get into a perpetual state of busyness, I usually miss an opportunity to “break” a great post based on the recent lunacy going on in society or politics.  This was my cross to bear on Tuesday morning while jotting down notes on my sticky pad about Hank Williams, Jr. and why I didn’t really consider him a racist, but by all accounts, a likely indiscriminant abuser of substances both of the legal and illegal variety.

For those gluttons for punishment that actually watch the morning news show Fox and Friends, you get a pass this week, because for once, the “fair and balanced” network produced a rather entertaining segment that left the shows anchors as equally dumbfounded as the rest of us.  Now for those who have eternally sworn off Faux News, let me fill you in.

For reasons that only Rupert Murdoch’s receding hairline would know, Hank Williams, Jr. was invited to the show Monday, and not to ask the hosts if they were “ready for some football.”  In black-out shades, appearing torn all the way up, and between a somewhat creepy attempt at seduction with host Gretchen Carlson, Williams proceeded to display just how little he knew about politics…and math.

When asked who he favored in the GOP race, Hank replied with a swift, “nobody!” and then began his tirade about how the photo-oped golf excursion between President Obama and Speaker of the House Boehner was the worst political mistake ever.  Why? You ask.  Well, because according to the country singer, The Three Stooges are the enemy (1. Obama  2. Biden and 3. ??) and shouldn’t be engaging in any acts of civility across party lines.  Doing so would be like Hitler and Netanyahu working together to lower their golf handicaps.

But before everyone condemns Bocephus as being a racist, lets note that he did admit to liking  businessman and former Godfather Pizza mogul Hermain Cain as a presidential contender (although if he is always donning those black-out shades, it is possible that he might not realize that Cain is significantly melanin infused).  Also, Williams never called President Obama Hitler, he just made an obtuse dumb@$# comparison which suggested that in this extremely polarized country, our leaders shouldn’t be interested in bi-partisanship…and especially not on a golf course.  Now were Hank Williams’ comments bizarre times ten? Absolutely.  Did he further prove why staying abreast of the political process is so important? Sho’ did.  Was he effective in confusing and actually stunning the Fox & Friends hosts into an uncomfortable silence? You betcha.  Should Fox News more carefully vet their interviewees before going live from now on? Good luck with that one.

Seriously though, while Hank Jr. did make an off-hand and unfunny comparison between “OBAMA!” and the fuhrer with the worst mustache in history, all he was truly guilty of was being morosely ignorant, inarticulate and exemplifying drunkardness well before noon; offenses, yes. But none so great that the end result should’ve been ESPN pulling Williams’ iconic intro from the Monday Night Football game.  If we really want to tell the truth and shame the devil, Williams came to the show ill-prepared to talk politics and ultimately got called out on his incongruous statements regarding GOP candidate support and got surprisingly shut down when co-host Brian Kilmeade basically told him that his Hitler comparison was nonsensical.

Look folks, if we get bent out of shape every single time someone makes an asinine statement and turns it into a political talking point for dummies, then we will need neck braces, crutches and a chiropractor before too long.  I think this appearance by Williams on Fox & Friends was one of those telling moments where idiocy was exposed in its most basic and incoherent form, and that was a good thing.  Let the man have his inebriated opinions.  Just remember that if we truly want our politics to be effective and substantive, we have to first identify the white noise for what it is, and then simply filter it out to make room for true logic and discourse.


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