Michelle’s Undercover Targe’ Run

30 Sep

Since becoming the First Family, The Obamas have often been criticized as being elitist and out of touch with the current struggle of the average American’s financial struggles while lavishing in their own routine Hawaiian and European junkets on the taxpayer’s dime.  But while I categorically disagree with the Marie Antoinette description of The President and First Lady, I will say that they are a brilliant and intellectual duo who enjoy the niceties of life; a reality that seems difficult to grasp for many with such a high national rate of unemployment and in a painfully stagnant U.S. economy, but theirs is a success that they ought not be ashamed of.

Still, none can accuse the Obamas of flaunting their wealth or relishing in sheer opulence if this picture of the week is any indicator.  Like many of us, Michelle Obama has admitted to appreciating the many aspects of her “normal”.  Whether it’s attending her girls’ sporting events, taking the First Pup Bo for his daily walk or simply getting her shop on at  Targe’, one certainly has to appreciate her desire to embrace the ordinary.

Donning a pair of shades and a Nike ball cap (which she still managed to successfully coordinate with her print blouse), Mrs. Obama tried to be incognito at a local Target Store in Alexandria V.A., a suburb just outside Washington, D.C.  Covertly situated, plain-clothed Secret Service Agents also arrived about a half-hour before The First Lady, who strolled through the main entrance with an assistant. She shopped for little less than an hour and was even seen pushing her own cart. She was apparently “outed” when while ringing up her purchases, a cashier recognized her.

That just goes to show, whether in a ball gown or a ball cap, Lady O is certainly one cool chameleon.


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