Welp, No More World Peace, How About a Rear Naked Choke?

21 Sep

It seems as though I was one of the suckers that clearly bought into the stereotype about all 6’7” blonds from the West Coast being able to dance. Unfortunately though, the joke was clearly on me last night.

Metta World Peace, or the L.A. Laker Forward formerly known as Ronald William Artest, Jr. and his dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd were the first couple eliminated from the Dancing with the Stars season opener, and from his convulsive Cha Cha Cha, bling’d out bowtie/fedora combo and ridiculous new ‘do, it wasn’t that hard to see why.  But like the gentler giant that World Peace has been lately, he graciously bid his competitors adieu, planted a chaste kiss on Nancy Grace’s cheek (she joined him in the bottom two) and thanked Peta for all her hard work whipping him into dancing shape.

So as promised, I’m pretty much done with DWTS for this season.  Now, I had planned to catch X-Factor to see if my favorite Brit’s acrid tongue had lost any of its venom, but thanks to my honey, I’m elbows deep into the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter.  And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already learned something.  Apparently ladies, it’s not called a butt-naked choke.


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