Thanks to Ray J, Kevin Hart’s Next Stand-Up is Going to Be a Classic!

20 Sep

By now we’ve all heard (or read the transcript of) Ray J’s fake-me-out thug rant about rapper Fabolous. Apparently, Brandy’s little brother took exception to being laughed at singing and playing the piano in Floyd Mayweather’s living room during a 24-hour concert he hosted before his underwhelming, overpriced boxing match last weekend in Vegas.

Long story short (sorry folks, I fear that Ray J’s verbal diarrhea might be contagious, so you won’t find it here) after likely marinating on Fabolous’ teasing of him and his lameness, and his entourage hyping him up not to be insulted, Willie Norwood , Jr. had one of the most epic, deplorable and embarrassing (for mankind in general) meltdowns, as aired by New Yorks, 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club”.

What was most funny (read: painful and unfortunate) was the fact that after Ray J finished his tirade about how he doesn’t tolerate *expletive* disrespect from *expletives* and how insignificant a music artist Fabolous was in comparison to he, Ray proceeded to boast pretentiously about his worldly goods, his “money team” membership and his nefarious relationship with goons who take indecent and illegal liberties with unsuspecting men.

In Fabolous’ later response, he pretty much refuted Ray J’s whimsical flights of fancy, but not before confirming a few similarities. Like the fact that Kevin Hart (and a few other celebrities) were present for the fake fisticuffs and would attest to the non-main-event.

And it is for that one reason that for the next 24 hours I plan to follow Kevin and historically explore his tweets from Saturday Night.  It’s like the material for his next stand-up pretty much just wrote itself!!!!


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