Commercials That Make Me Emo

18 Sep

Every single time I see this “Chronicles of Sophie Lee as told by Daniel Lee courtesy of Google Chrome”, commercial I absolutely lose it. I’m talking goosebumps, tearing up and a plethora of ooohs and aaahs.  I guess a part of my emotional response to this advert for Gmail and all the awesome functions one can access through Google Chrome is because, for the early years of each of my children’s lives, it wasn’t just a baby album that I kept for them, but also a journal that I penned messages  in for several years.

But of course, with the various moves, an expanding family and the regular rat-race that we have all become accustom to, those memos and notes became few(er) and far(ther) between.  So, what a novel idea to re- recount the moments of their lives that made me laugh, cry and burst with pride through electronic means like this?

*Sigh* Where are my tissues?


One Response to “Commercials That Make Me Emo”

  1. sunt97 September 18, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    Emo? When you comb your hair towards your face and start wearing cuffs let me know, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

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