GOP Debates: Like a WWE Cage Match, But Better

14 Sep


Let me just preface my impending silliness by first saying that regardless of political preference, I believe it is important that everyone, but especially those with a voice (vote) follow all of the presidential debates and candidates. I mean really; how can one make an informed decision about who should lead and represent this nation without first knowing something about the various individuals who’d like to hold that coveted position from the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

Okay…my Public Service Announcement now out of the way, please turn your attentions to this clip from Monday Night’s Republican presidential debate.  Although I gave many of the candidates high marks in the Business Wear and Presidential Tie competitions, it was the WWE tag-team emulation by Michele Bachmann and Rick Satorum on Rick Perry that got my full attention.  Slamming Perry on his controversial mandate of the required HPV/Gardasil vaccination for young girls, Machine Gun Michele and Ricochet Rick took turns coming off the top rope on Pretty Boy Perry.

But it was Bachmann’s fleeting flash of brilliance in the form of a retort to Governor Perry’s feigned offense at Bachmann’s notion that he was all about pharmaceutical money, not saving lives when it came to the vaccines, that made my day and quite frankly, made Perry look less like a courageous but vanquished Luchador and more like the wobbly kneed, defeated opponent at the end of a game of Mortal Kombat. Finish Him!!!!!

*And on a totally unrelated note, Mitt Romney’s various constipated expressions and Ron Paul’s interest in whatever was on the floor next to his podium were equally as entertaining as Monday Night’s Main Event grudge match*

**Oh, oh…and per Governor Perry, Texas is “day in and day out, a place that protects life.”…You know, unless of course you have a scheduled execution date with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  Just saying**


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