Buffoon of The Week: Republican’t Jeff Landry

9 Sep

Did anyone see this dunder-head last night? Talk about exercising your first amendment right at the expense of revealing your confounding idiocy to the world (and of course, looking like a Grade A jackass!).

Clearly, Rep. Jeff Landry of Louisiana did not get (or he conveniently deleted) the memo yesterday that called for all Congressional leaders to play nice during President Obama’s job speech before the joint session of Congress. And while he did not rage “Joe Wilson style” last night, Landry was resolve to be (un)civilly disobedient while The POTUS discussed getting Americans back to work.

Now, unlike many of Rep. Landry’s colleagues who couldn’t show even a modicum of respect to the President by being in attendance, only to later blame their absence on the flooding cause by Tropical Depression Lee (here’s looking at you Michele Bachmann and your raggedy and “misguided” after-speech press conference), the Republican Representative from Louisiana was in attendance, but with an agenda of his own.

When President Obama got to the part of his speech acknowledging that Republicans may have ideas that differed from his own $447 billion jobs package, Landry held up a printed sign that read: Drilling = Jobs.

To be fair, Landry’s break from decorum was certainly not as egregious an offense as Rep. Wilson’s two years ago or the scores of other incidents of unapologetic disrespect coming from The Right toward Obama, but offense it still was. When are these politicians going to realize that their do-nothing stances, belligerent personal attacks, baseless claims and cantankerous demeanors are all quite unattractive to the people whom they were elected to represent and serve? Further, with the social and financial woes currently befalling this country and a Congress approval rating at just 12%, don’tcha think these politicians would at least “appear” receptive and interested in meeting Mr. Obama halfway to fix what’s broken in Washington and beyond?

But more than just the rigmarole of playing politics, for me, this is one incident in a long line of petulant, insolent and openly defiant acts of classless behavior toward The President. I won’t even bother addressing the root of said behavior or why some of these conservatives frothingly attack Obama (no, not Obama’s politics…Obama the man) because whether America admits it or not, we all know the words to that hymn. But I would venture to say that with the value of our Dollar only worth 2/3 of The Euro, foreclosures and lay-offs across the nation abounding and our indebtedness to China being something even our children’s children will live to experience, what Rep. Jeff Landry should have been doing last night was listening to determine if he could find common ground with some of The President’s ideas and proposals instead of questing for the most ideal moment to try to upstage the POTUS with that got’darn sign!!!

See folks, that is why it is so important that we do our part and vote, stay versed on the issues and hold our elected officials accountable. Because at the end of the day, if American politicians don’t get real, and do so quickly, we are all going to be in trouble (translation: requesting that our Value Meals be upsized…in Mandarin). Let us pray!

*Leads readers into Altar Call*


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