Obama’s Jobs Speech: What I Want to Hear

8 Sep

It’s amazing to me that with a national unemployment rate teetering at just over 9% that anyone would be averse to having some immediate discourse about the economy and ways in which all the President’s horses and all the President’s men can get America back on the right track again.

But unfortunately, whether it be the Speaker of the House dissing him in favor of the radically absurd pow-pow disguised as a Republican Presidential Candidates Debate or the 8:30 p.m. kick-off time for the National Football League’s season opener, this week President Obama has pretty much had to get in where he’s been able to fit in to share his ideas on the economy with the American people.

In a little less than ten minutes, Mr. Obama plans to address a joint session of Congress (who ironically, are all are gainfully employed) as well as the citizens of this nation to present his speech on job creation. In it, the POTUS is expected to discuss a package roll out, that if passes the house will cut unemployment by at least a point, boost the GDP and cost half of what the dogged 2009 stimulus plan did.

But like many Americans who are out of work, have depleted their savings and are worried about the long term, my question to Mr. Obama is “how” does he plan to make this all work, and is it too late for him to even try?

Although late in coming, tonight there are a few key points that I am looking for the POTUS to address:

Like, what specifically has lead to the fundamentals of our economy being so feeble, especially in light of the fact that we are “technically” two years out of the recession. And what sectors will see the greatest benefit of this “don’t-call-it-a-stimulus-plan?” Also, what sort of infrastructure jobs can we be looking to see created? Or, what does this plan do to the Federal Deficit? Lastly, when can Americans plan to see this package implemented?

Sure, there are a whole host of other questions I’d love to see answered (how can America afford a several billion dollar job package when we just had to raise our debt ceiling to pay our bills, what’s the likelihood that this plan will have bipartisanship backing, what will happen to the current payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits in light of this new package…), but I figure if the President at least attempts to address these key inquiries, in my mind, I’ll feel like this national conversation on jobs and the economy is more than just lip service or an attempt to pacify me until 2012.

We’ll see…


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