Maybe Baby? Beyonce Confirms Pregnancy

28 Aug

Forget a People Magazine interview or even an Oprah come-back-for-one-more-episode exclusive.  What better way to break the news of her successful first trimester than live at the 2011 MTV Music Awards?

She’s conquered the Music Industry as 1/3 of a Girl Group, skyrocketed as an International Soloist, bulldozed her way into the fashion world and hijacked the Movie Industry as an actress (depending on who you ask).  The only natural progression for the Queen Bey at this point would be motherhood, no?  Beaming at the MTV Music Awards, Beyonce debuted her fully covered vermillion baby bump for her fans, and the world to behold.

Later during the show as she performed her new single “Love On Top” in a haute couture tuxedo with a sequined purple jacket, Mrs. Carter belted out her love for her baby’s daddy then ended the performance by ripping open her jacket and exposing and rubbing her maternity pants waistband and protruding belly.

Welp, while congrats certainly are in order for the expecting couple, I suppose this not-to-subtle reveal puts an end to Sean and Beyonce’s whole clandestine quest to keep their relationship out of the public eye now doesn’t it?



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