Irene, Get Lost Already!

26 Aug

To say that this has been a tumultuous evening would be an understatement. With all of the Hurricane Irene hysteria going on, I figured I could actually get a little more work done by staying at the office late today and then bypass the rush hour traffic and market mania altogether.

Unfortunately, “crazy” doesn’t have a specified time period or time limit in which it reveals itself. Not only was I sitting in a bumper to bumper standstill well after 6pm, but in my “wisdom” to hit the market around 10pm to avoid all the congestion, not only where the lines long, but the merchandise was sparse. I don’t even have to tell you what store I visited that had people angry that their only options were the $3.99 loaves of whole wheat bread, do I?

But seriously, Irene (in all of her Category 2 glory) isn’t even projected to affect the area too badly this far inland, yet she has certainly already gotten the people around here grocery shopping like it was the Snowmaggedon of 2010!

Now trust me, I am certainly not making light of the various levels of preparedness that make people feel comfortable; I have experienced enough hurricanes in my life to take them and the preparations involved seriously. I am just amused and a bit incredulous at the various non-essential items I noticed out of stock as I shopped to fill my own coffers this evening. Sure, the customary water, eggs, milk and bread…but the libation aisle was also on the bare (I’m talking Mother Hubbard) side.

I guess one might infer that the masses will be partaking of a true-to-form communion at home as Irene passes by this weekend, huh?

You guys be safe.


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