Back To School…Finally!

25 Aug

With The Pack Kids’ respective hair temp-faded and candy curled, book bags packed, supply lists adhered to, new clothes ironed and laid out, breakfast menu prepped, lunches stored and morning time-off request submitted, I can now breathe a sigh of relief, as it appears that the bulk of my back to school preparedness duties are complete!

But I’m not merely happy because if I get to bed now, I can still snatch about five hours of beauty sleep. No, this semi-permanent cheshire grin on my face is due to the fact that my children are back to reality! No more sleeping until noon, lounging around in pj’s throughout the day, eating up all the food and racking up $300 electric bills because they have yet to find a Nickelodeon show or PS3 video game that they do not like!

No mas! It’s time for my little couch potatoes to get up out of my house and navigate back through the halls of academia! And yes, I am sure there are those who believe my over-enthusiasm has more to do with me simply hating because while my kids were relishing their summer vacation, I had to work these past three months, but to them I say…heck, who am I kidding; of course I’m hating!! Do you know how pleasant and amenable I’d be if I had a two month summer vacation every year!? I’m talking, no road rage, not one rude outbursts to those accursed telemarketers who call during dinnertime and I’d even turn a blind eye to my honey for leaving the toilet seat up!

Yeah kiddies, welcome back to reality…with the rest of us!


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