Batten Down the Hatches: East Coast Quaking

23 Aug

I honestly thought I was going to be considered certifiable today!

Myself and three of my co-workers thought we were loco in the coco when while chatting it up at work today, one of our executive’s desk began shaking.  When our receptionist went in to feel it, then sit on, she too confirmed the vibrating nature of the desk.

Upon further inspection (gotta love the instantaneousness of the internet), we learned from our local news and CNN that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt from New York to as far south as North Carolina!


I understand tectonic shifts and fault lines and such, but let me speak candidly for just a second.  When deciding to settle down and take up roots, I purposely didn’t decide upon the Left Coast, and for this very reason!!!!

At this point, I am just trying to figure out what continent sits upon the least number of tectonic plates, because if anomalies like these keep up, it may be time for me and The Pack Household to there, sheesh!

Seriously though, did any of my Northeast/Mid-Atlantic readers feel this quake or its subsequent tremors and after-shocks?  Did you feel vindicated when the news outlets confirmed it and your friends and family had to apologize for calling you crazy?  With yesterday’s strong quake in Colorado and today’s assault on the I-95 corridor, did any of you originally think it was The Rapture?


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