Spare the Rod, Rotten Toddler

20 Aug

I can always count on my mom and the Baby Child to humor me when I need it most.

Coming home from work yesterday, my mom peeked out from my kitchen and thanked me for finally coming home. “Your child was the worst today!” Snatching up her bag and cellphone, she fussed over her shoulder that he refused to take his nap and that he was sassing her all day.

I tried to express to my mom that the Baby Child always got away with murder with her because she refused to properly discipline him and she knew it.  Sputtering, she told me that she popped him regularly when he misbehaved, then she called in the Big Girl to confirm it.

After me and the Big Girl laughed at her attempt to convince us that she was a disciplinarian, my mom stomped her foot and huffed away.  A few moments later, the Baby Child came bounding into the kitchen (clearly at her cajoling) and prepared to set the record straight:

“Hi Mom-ma. Yayah spanked me 49 times today!”

I don’t know what’s worse; a fibbing toddler or the influence of his ridiculous grandmother!


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