Coming Out of The Closet: My Life = God’s Favorite Sitcom

5 Aug

Does anyone know what I’ll be doing this weekend? Oh c’mon, take a guess!

I’m convinced that God and his army of angels regularly congregate around the Throne of Grace and heartily laugh at the various antics, events and mishaps that make up my daily life!  And if that really is the case, then I am sure that they all were doubled over and in need of a TV timeout over the past 48 hours!

For those of you who don’t follow my social networking rants, I tweeted yesterday that my honey was not happy with me thanks to the warped state of three of my closet rods.  Well instead of posting pics and giggling about finally getting my custom closet, what I should have been doing was some preventive maintenance.  Unfortunately for me, I dismissed the raggedy closet rods; an error in judgment that I would pay dearly for.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I snatched a pair of khakis off the hanger and proceeded to get dressed.  Fully clothed, I began putting on my make-up when I heard a non-distinct creaking sound.  After waiting for a few seconds to determine its origin but not hearing it again, I went about my business.  For a second time, the creaking sound reverberated, but before I could go investigate, I was met by a huge CRASH as my closet rods, brackets, support beams, clothes, hats, shoes, purses and boxes went hurtling to the floor.

After a crying spell that made me late for work, I was resolved to leave the entire contents of my closet right where they landed until I returned home.  Ten hours later, everything is now picked up (though not put away) and I am awaiting my honey’s efforts in mounting my new closet system!  The plus side is that thanks to having to sift through all of my clothes, I have found several articles that I’ve not worn in at least a year (it’s like shopping for free) but conversely, with  my clothes all over my bed, dressers and floor, it’s likely that we won’t be getting much sleep tonight!

Pray Saints!


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