The “Touch of Gray” Gift I Sent to Obama: Just An Investment in My Future

4 Aug

Thanks to the ever-oblivious extremists on the far right, the unrelenting long form birth certificate media coverage and overall ridiculousness of Donald Trump and his Birthers battle cry, Barack Obama may likely go down in history as the one President whose birthday, the entire population of the United States remembers!  But the circumstances surrounding his birth haven’t been the only issue that the POTUS has had to deal with just two-years into his first presidential term.

With “Change” not taking hold quite as quickly as we had all hoped, a national economy on the brink of collapse, wars abroad on two fronts and the most visceral and repugnant opposition known to man in his own back yard, is it any wonder that the once striking obsidian colored head of our beloved 44th President now looks as though he’s been volunteering to personally wipe clean the chalk boards at Sasha and Malia’s school…sans erasers?

Clearly, on the job stress has played a major factor in Mr. Obama’s rather rapid transformation into Fred G. Sanford.  That is why, before the change takes full effect and he starts using four letter sentence enhancers to address those Tea Party nuts and his GOP adversaries, I intend to send a care package full of Just for Men: Touch of Gray to the White House.  Trust me, while there is nothing wrong with a spicy Silverfox, a Faux News highlight reel of a gray and cantankerous Obama cussing out Boehner, Cantor and Bachmann would certainly not bode well for his 2012 re-election prospects, and my chances at Universal Healthcare Coverage.

Happy 50th Birthday Mr. President!


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