Football Please!?!?!

22 Jul

Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith, thirsty owners and opportunistic players, lend me your ear!  I can appreciate you all agreeing to come to the table like adults to find common ground (I’m looking at you U.S. Senate and the would-be Deficit Reduction Committee), but really? 132 days into this God-forsaken NFL lockout, and not one of you is concerned enough about my tickets, watch parties and unconscionable Beltway Rivalry (I “put on” for the Ravens and Skins….don’t judge me) to forgo “constructive conversation” and come to an agreement already!?

Sure, sure, I understand the need for both parties  to come to terms on a collective bargaining agreement and for the players who will be sacrificing their bodies and health to fill their bosses coffers for the next ten years to be prudent and thorough in reading and comprehending said CBA, but c’mon!  This dispute is between some billionaire owners and millionaire players.  Thousandaire fans like myself Cannot. Relate.

Besides, with my favorite teams (well one of them) needing all the pre-season help they can get and me waiting with baited breath to fashion my 2011 – 2012 Fantasy Team, this lockout, hold out, gobbledegoop needs to end post haste!  Trust me, there is only so much Professional Bowling as an alternative that I can take!



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