Messy Celebs, Sloppy Seconds & Why The World Is Too Darn Small!

19 Jul

Lawd, it’s like a ride at Disney World!

I think this story is a prime example of what we all have come to learn about the celebrity drivel that we are inundated with from day to day; it can be so outlandishly preposterous that sometimes we find that tabloids and gossip columnist aren’t even creative enough to make it all up.  Just ask Charlie Sheen.

Heck, ask Elin Nordegren.

In probably the worst and most twisted adaptation of Wife Swap known to man, the raunchy kissing and telling from Tiger Wood’s ex-mistress (yet again) has led to the further embarrassment and devastation of his ex-wife.  After being caught up in the media whirlwind surrounding her husband’s philandering with a multitude of “virtuously vacant” women, many cheered when Elin filed for divorce, got her $100 Million settlement and jet-setted off quietly into the night.  Unfortunately for Elin, moving on with her life and with a new beau has come at an even higher price.

Apparently weeks into her new relationship with billionaire marketing exec boyfriend Jamie Dingman, Elin learned that her filthy rich financier was just plain filthy and had a bit of a history with her nemesis, Rachel Uchitel aka The Mistress Ringleader who starred in last year’s Tiger Wood’s scandal.  The creepy Twilight Zone history in question was that Dingman and Uchitel had a liaison or two (or ten) before his relationship with Elin, and likely around the same time Uchitel was canoodling with Elin’s then husband, El Tigre.

But while we are hissing and booing at Uchitel on one hand for shamelessly helping to ruin a marriage while making her hootchie-mama ways profitable (tabloid features, Celebrity Rehab and that little $10 Million hush money from Tiger), and being embarrassed for Elin on the other, at the nasty discovery that she’s fostered relationships with the same two (count ‘em, two) men as the most popular home-wrecker in America, there is only so much sympathy that I can offer her.

I mean, really.  After the whole Tiger debacle and the very public collapse of her marriage, there is no way in the world Elin should have gone into any new relationship without first having a background check, credit report and an oral swab performed.  It’s not like she couldn’t have afforded to have even had a DoD clearance screening done if she’d wanted.  She should have had a “Fool Me Once” bumper sticker on her Maybach and a “Man Eater” tattoo on her bicep.  There is nothing about Jamie Dingman that should have caught Elin unaware, and especially so publicly!

But at the end of the day, I suppose the old adage still holds true.  No matter how much money Elin has, she’s clearly been unable to purchase love with it.  Perhaps after the smoke clears from this latest humiliation however, she will settle for buying several deluxe cans of whoop @&# instead, because obviously there are a few folks in her life who could benefit from such a generous gift!


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