Where Is Indy When You Need Him!?

6 Jul

With the recent and increasingly more serious predictions of a financial apocalypse and a governmental collapse should President Obama and The United States Congress not reach a reasonable (and timely) agreement where budget cuts and The National Debt Ceiling are concerned, as a U.S. citizen, I have to admit that I am just the slightest bit envious at the good fortune that India is enjoying right about now.  Apparently, on the heels of complaints of mismanagement and impropriety by the custodians of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that a fiscal audit be conducted.  Little did they know, the audit findings would be staggering… $22 Billion (yes, B-b-billion) staggering.  As reported by The Associated Press:

Inside the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, investigators were counting the staggering hoard of gold coins and statues of gods and goddesses studded with diamonds and other precious stones. Outside, small groups of armed policemen patrolled the temple grounds in the heart of the Kerala state capital, Trivandrum.

Metal detectors were hurriedly installed at temple entrances after six days of searches revealed a treasure trove of artifacts, statues and temple ornaments made of gold and embellished with jewels.

The valuables were donated to the temple by devotees over hundreds of years, and India’s erstwhile royal family has been the custodian of the treasures.

The vaults had not been opened in about 150 years and the treasure spans some 500 years. India’s Supreme Court ordered that the vaults of the temple be inventoried after a man filed a suit that worried about how the trust was caring for the riches.

The temple is controlled by descendants of the royal family of Travancore, the former princely state of the region. It is believed the former rulers donated much of their wealth to the temple, where it lay in safe keeping for decades. Offerings by the many worshippers making pit stops there along the global trade routes probably also contributed to the treasure.

It was no stumbled-upon find, however. While the vaults have been kept under lock and key for around 150 years, the wealth has been on the public record.

Holy Harrison Ford! Public record or not, we are still talking about (counting fingers, carrying the one), like 500 Gabillion Rupees! I wonder if now that their amassed wealth has been publicized, India will magnanimously return the $80 Million in U.S. foreign aid that it received over the past decade in an effort to get the ball rolling on some cost cutting measures so that The United States government doesn’t run out of money come August 3rd?

Or better question; can someone get Dr. Henry Jones on the horn to see about investigating the hidden vaults beneath The Washington Monument in hopes of uncovering The Freemason’s concealed Templar’s booty? My future paychecks may depend on it!




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